We think things like these are waste of time and you might consider reshuffling as soon as possible

Stop wasting your time doing any of these things.

We think things like these are waste of time and you might consider reshuffling as soon as possible


November seems to have been crawling but somehow we are nearly at the finish line and about to cross into December which is the yuletide in proper.

Now, think of your hobbies, have they been of good or evil to you. Have they done more or taken from you?

Check this list, if your hobbies are on it, then we suggest you should do a reshuffling all round.

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  • Watching TV: Look, if you are not a scriptwriter, tv producer or working in the film industry, why are you spending half of your day watching the television? Not only does it take hours from your day but it also leaves you unproductive. Think about the last movie you watched, now did you achieve anything while watching the said movie? Have you put anything you watch from the movie into use? My point exactly.
  • Being in a relationship because you are bored: You cannot even tell me this is not a waste of your precious time. I mean you somehow wiggle and situate yourself in a relationship just because you are feeling lonely? Not only is it a waste of time, but it is also evil. Because you are deceiving the other person, that is why.
  • Trying to solve everyone’s problem: My question is, are you God? Or the saviour of the world? So why are you carrying other people’s problem on your head and hoping to solve it? Or trying to solve it. We are not saying don’t help if and when you can, what we are saying is pace yourself, do what you can, when you can.
  • Doing something that makes others happy while you are unhappy: This life you are living, you can only live it once so do the things that make you happy. The things that bring you satisfaction. Stop trying to please others at the detriment of yourself.
  • Constantly complaining about things that you could have changed: This is a scenario we do no get. You can change it, you refuse to change it but instead, you decide to complain, constantly. You better get a grip on yourself and do the needful before 2020 comes to meet you there.
  • Trying to make someone love you: Loving someone is not a by force issue. It is not a do or die affair. It either happens or it does not and you as a person should be okay with that. The person either loves you or they do not and trying to make them change their mind is a very-very bad idea.


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