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We Finally Found The 8 Working Ways People Save Money, Time and Space When Travelling. Here is How

You can do follow these 8 ways and they will help you save money, time and space.

If travelling is fun for you and you look forward to packing your bags anytime the opportunity comes, then you should read through these useful travel tips before you pack your bags: not only will you be glad that you did but it will also help to make your travels much more enjoyable and stress-free.

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  1. FIND THE CHEAPEST FLIGHT: Finding a cheap flight can save you hundreds, if not thousands of Naira on long flights. Use the right tools and find the right time to book
  2. LEAVE A SPACE IN THE MIDDLE: If you are flying with a friend, if you book the aisle and window seats and the flight isn’t full, you are likely to end up with an empty seat in the middle to make your flight more comfortable. You’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy your flight, without having to squeeze by anyone whenever you need to visit the restroom. If someone books the seat between you, you can kindly ask to swap at no loss.
  3. MARK YOUR BAG AS FRAGILE: No matter what’s in your bag, mark your baggage as fragile, even if it’s not when you are travelling. The chances of airport workers tossing your bag around in a free for all are much slimmer if it’s marked fragile, and your items will be protected from unexpected damage.
  4. LISTEN ALONE: Make sure you pack your own headphones especially knowing that not everyone wants to listen to whatever it is you are listening to. Some airlines give you cheap ones but you’ll be much better off with your own.
  5. STUFF YOUR SHOES: When shoes get bent or folded, they can lose their shape and you can avoid this travel mishap by stuffing your shoes with paper before packing. This will help them look great when you unpack.
  6. WEIGH IT AT HOME: You should weigh your bag at home before you go to the airport to make sure you are within the limit. It’ll be sad if you have to pay an extra charge for a bit of extra weight.
  7. PEE BEFORE YOU LAND: Don’t get caught searching through a busy bus park, airport or even station for the restrooms. Use the toilet on the plane before you land so that you are ready to go grab your bags as soon as you get out.
  8. SHOP LIKE A LOCAL: You should explore local supermarkets when travelling as It lets you discover new foods and products that you would never taste if you only ate in restaurants. This also helps you save lots of money.


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