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We all have best friends. Don’t we? These are the 6 phrases your best friends should say to you at least once a month

BFFs should say any of these 6 phrases at least once a month.

We all have best friends. Don't we? These are the 6 phrases your best friends should say to you at least once a month

We know that a best friend is like an extension of ourselves and we really cannot do without them no matter how hard we try. They are a constant in our lives as we are in theirs.

If you have a BFF, here are 6 phrases that should be said to you at least once every month. If you do not or have never heard them, maybe you need a sit down to know why.

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  • YOU DID OR ARE DOING GREAT: They probably will not say this directly or in this format but there should be some inclination towards it. Your friend should be your hype person and should be willing to give you support in any form or manner that you need it.
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK? A BFF values your opinion regarding whatever they are doing or intending to do. So they ask for your input, whether big or small and also to get an idea of what you think about it. They usually will not carry out a thing if they have not heard your opinion about it.
  • I UNDERSTAND: When you are hurting or going through an emotional turmoil, a best friend is there to hold your hand, they are a shoulder you can cry on while trying to give you comfort as much as they can. These words are not empty as a best friend knows and understands the emotions behind them.
  • THIS REMINDS ME OF YOU: Whether it is a picture of someone else, a GIF, something someone said somewhere, a thought pattern you will agree with, a character from a movie or animation etc. A best friend will easily tell you this when something that reminds them of you pops up.
  • YOU LOOK REALLY NICE: Agreed that most BFFs will not put i this way or in this words, but they will let you know when you are looking really nice or when your picture is looking really peng. You need to get yourself a best friend that is not ashamed to tell you how good you look.
  • WHAT’S UP: If your best friend does not chat you up or calls you and asks this question, can we really say you have a best friend for now not to talk about for life. Your paddy should be in the habit of asking you this question, whether it is just checking up on you or wanting to know what the latest gist is.


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