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Ways Vitamin C Benefits Sexual Well-being

If asked to list the vitamins and nutrients the body needs most, few people would miss vitamin C. That’s because vitamin C is one of the more talked about vitamins; it is a household name – if there is such a thing in the vitamin world.

If asked what vitamin C is good for; however, the most common response would likely be that it is good for a cold. The truth is, vitamin C has many more far-reaching properties and is even good for the penis! Learn how this multi-talented vitamin keeps the body healthy and how it benefits the health of the penis.

Ok, so what does vitamin C do?

Boosts collagen production: One of the reasons vitamin C is popping up in more and more health and beauty products is because it helps the body produce collagen, which is equally important in firming the delicate skin under one’s eyes as it is the tissue of a man’s package. What a great reason to stock up on some C!

Supports blood vessels: The body is filled with a map of tiny blood vessels and, over time, the heath of these blood vessels begins to deteriorate causing a gradual loss of circulation – particularly in the extremities where the tiniest blood vessels lie.

On a man, the penis is one area that full circulation is always desired, as the flow of blood is responsible for the formation of an erection. That’s right, vitamin C can help plump up penis tissue and protect against erectile dysfunction by supporting the health of the blood vessels. Oranges, anyone?

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Repairs damaged tissue: Vitamin C is also useful in repairing damaged tissue in the body. As men go about their daily lives, it is not uncommon for tissue in the body to be damaged – sometimes an injury is easily seen and felt – and sometimes it is microscopic. Vitamin C helps build and repair tissues keeping the body healthy and sound.

Reduces allergenic reactions: Whether an individual struggles with seasonal allergies constantly or just gets the snuffles every once in a while, vitamin C may be able to help. C is one of nature’s antihistamines, meaning it blocks histamine reactions in the body, it also helps the body rid itself of histamine so reactions may be shorter lived.

Fights free radicals: Vitamin C also works in the body as an antioxidant, which is an incredibly useful property as it helps the body fight free radicals (those nasty junk food that can lead to premature aging and cancer). Fighting free radicals can also reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin C from food

Ways Vitamin C Benefits Sexual Well-being

There are numerous food sources of vitamin C – even beyond the obvious citrus fruits. In fact, veggies can be loaded with vitamin C as well, so try noshing on Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, and cauliflower in addition to the sweeter fruit sources like pineapple, watermelon, mangoes and strawberries.

Fruit juices are also a good way to hit the daily recommended amount of vitamin C – just beware that they pack more calories than a whole fruit – so juice shouldn’t be the only source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C supplements

It is important to know that vitamin C is water-soluble – in other words – it quickly leaves the body via one’s pee and is not stored in tissue or fat, like some other nutrients are. This is no big deal; it just means that vitamin C needs to be taken in everyday.

For men who are worried about getting enough from food alone, supplements may be an option. Multivitamins and C only supplements are available to take by mouth, but men who are interested in receiving the greatest benefit of vitamin C to their “Johnson”, should seek out penis-friendly products that contain C.


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