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Ways To Travel To Malawi and Act Like a Local

Visit Malawi and blend in like a local


The meaning of Malawi is believed to be linked to the ancient Kingdom of Maravi which flourished in the 15th century AD but in reality, Malawi means ‘Fire flames‘, which evokes the rising sun glimmering on the waters of the lake.

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\Just in case you find yourself in this very warm country, here are a few things that will help you blend in as quickly as possible and also allow you get to know the country, it´s culture and traditions.

  1. TAKING LOCAL TRANSPORT TO GET TO YOUR DESTINATION: The obvious first choice to behaving like a local is travelling local which will give you the most amazing experience. You will see the most incredible things and will meet the most wondrous people.
  2. TRYING STREET FOOD: From the famous fried cassava chips to fried banana and the bonya. Street food is available in every corner and it is advisable to start from there if you want to blend in like the locals. You should try the mandazi too.
  3. EAT OUT IN LOCAL RESTAURANTS: You should eat in traditional restaurants and try the different array of dishes available. The Kampaggno (Fish) or Chicken with Nsima; porridge made from maize or cassava meal and water is a constant. Chambo and Nsima is also a delicacy you can try.
  4.  PLAY “BAWO”: “Bawo” is the Malawians favourite game. You should allow a local show you how to play it seeing as it is a perfect way of mingling with them.
  5. WASH YOUR LAUNDRY IN LAKE MALAWI: In Malawi, it is a common occurrence to see all the washing done on the shores of the Lake Malawi. It is a really tough job doing it as the locals do.
  6.  LEARN TO SPEAK THE LOCAL DIALECT: Chichewa is the most widely known language of Malawi. You should learn a few words and phrases, which you might need when travelling to Malawi.
  7. TRADE ITEMS AT THE LOCALS HANDCRAFT SHOPS: Most locals will agree on swapping items with you. Just take them to the handicraft shops.
  8. CHAT TO AS MANY LOCALS AS POSSIBLE AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM: The Malawians are one of the most heartwarming and hospitable people you will ever meet. You can and should make friends with the locals everywhere which will get you invited for breakfast, lunch and dinner in their houses.

I  hope this is enough to convince you that Malawi is a good place to visit and you can do it just like a local.


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