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Ways to Prolong the Life Span of Your Clothes Without Spending

Some tips on prolonging the life span of your clothes that does not involve money.

Ways to Prolong the Life Span of Your Clothes Without Spending

I know It’s easier to think that in order to improve your closet and start dressing better, you have to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new set of clothes.

There are ways to taking good care of your closet that does not involve you spending or opening your purse.

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Shall we find out some of those ways?

  • Let the sun do the work for you: I really think the sun is our greatest natural detergent. If you did not know, the ultraviolet rays kill bacteria. You should leave your clothes that smell in the sun for a few hours and they will be as good as new or even the one that you have worn for the day can also be sun-dried.
  • Put your Jeans in the freezer: Wait first. You know all those raw-denim and vintage jeans you have, washing them continuously will only wear them down and stretch them out faster. Instead, place them in the freezer which will remove odour and disinfect them since the intense cold actually kills off bacteria. All you have to do is simply fold them up and place them in a zip-top bag overnight.
  • Replace your detergents: Sometimes the detergents used in hand-washing or machine-washing can actually be the problem. Try changing your detergent and find out one that will preserve your clothes for longer. Don’t just think of the one that will leave your clothes smelling amazing.
  • Pick up a needle and thread: Mending your clothes makes it last longer. You don’t need to get rid of a shirt just because you’ve lost the buttons or throw out your dress just because it has a few holes. Learning to sew a button on or a hole is super simple but if you do not know how to, there are a lot of YouTube videos to guide you.
  • Old does not necessarily mean Bin: It is not every time that you jump on the bandwagon of out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new culture. You need to cherish your wardrobe. Love the outfit you wore to graduation, to your first job interview, your first promotion, or the first time he said: “I love you.” Sometimes, what you wore on a good day can empower you through a tough one.

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