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Ways to Know You are in a Good Relationship

Hey lovebird, here is a couple of ways in which you can confirm if you are in a good relationship.

Ways to know you are in a good relationship.

When someone loves you, you will know, you will feel secure and comfortable and consider yourself a very lucky person.

Here are five signs that will tell you if you’re in a good relationship or not. If these signs follow you and your partner, trust me you are in a good place.

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  1. When your partner doesn’t treat you like you are a secret: The first and important way to know if you are in a good relationship how much you mean to your partner and a way to measure that is seeing if they will introduce you to the important people in their life but especially when your partner gives you a feeling like they can’t wait to show you off to the rest of the world.
  2. When you still have that friendship love: Apart from being equally yoked together in Christ with your partner as the bible tells believers, the next strongest connection a man and a woman can both share with each other is that friendship kind of love. When something happens they are the first person you want to run to and tell. If you took time building on your friendship first in a relationship, you end up building your foundation that you both will stand on.
  3. When you are not the only one putting effort into the relationship: Feelings don’t keep a relationship flowing well, the effort actually does. When you both consciously work at having your relationship run smoothly, you fall in sync with one another and the longer you remain in sync and in rhythm, the more pleasurable the ride becomes. Relationships take a lot of work.
  4. When you can have disagreements with each other without being disrespectful: Often times in relationships, we listen to reply instead of listening to understand the person and where they are coming from. Disagreements happen in relationships and having healthy disagreements actually does serve its purpose between you and your mate. Disagreements help you both reach a  deeper love and understanding.
  5. Your partner helps you grow or evolve as a person: A very real indication of a great relationship is knowing and acknowledging how much your partner has helped you emerge into someone better. When you are with the right person, they will help you step out of your comfort zone and accomplish things you never thought you could. A good relationship helps you feel more valid about who you are and who you can grow to be.


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