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Ways To Know if Your Significant Partner is Not in Anyway Into You

Want to be sure if your partner is into you or not, you should read this.

Ways To Know if Your Significant Partner is Not in Anyway Into You

See ehn, like I always say, No one rule applies to all relationships just because we are all different people and we react or respond to things very differently and our partner.

But even at that, there are some basic things that we can use to gauge where are exactly the relationship is heading to and if it will crash and burn half way. Which is why we look out for signs as we go in the relationship to make sure that the person is really into us like they say and we are really into them like we claim.

Without further ado, I will like to tell you certain ways in which you can confirm if your significant partner is not into you even though they claim otherwise.

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  1. Your Significant Partner is not over an Ex: One way to know for sure that your partner isn’t ready to commit to you is if he/she is still in love with someone else. You know how they generally speak about how his/her ex did this, did that, did nothing and then did everything. If the person you’re seeing is still all over their Ex, then he/she just may not be ready for a healthy relationship with you and if they cannot have a healthy relationship, what exactly is your gain.
  2. Rarely responds or returns calls and messages: If you notice that your Partner has stopped returning phone calls or IMs or doesn’t return them for days, this could be a sign that he/she is stretching their neck into another person’s compound or just isn’t prioritizing your relationship because they are done. Instead of trying to make the partnership work by forming ‘I will not give up on my relationship’, try returning his/her behaviour and see if they stop contacting you.
  3. Does not make plans to see you: I’m not saying that he/she has to continuously invite you out or always want to be in your space. But you both have to equally want to spend time with each other. You should be with someone who goes out of his/her way to do so.
  4. Is only interested in Sex: Yes, come back here. If you’ve established an agreement that is based mostly on fulfilling your sexual needs, you do not suddenly expect your partner to be suddenly interested in other aspects of your life. You people do not ask about your families, friends, or career but you are happy to unhook her bra. Both of you should do better biko.
  5. Does not introduce you to the family: I know this one is not a surety because of our Yoruba Demons who have turned it to something else. But there are still some Men who take meeting family very important. If your partner is sidestepping this Number it could mean that he/she is embarrassed by something about the relationship. People who are secretive about relationships tend to be less committed to their partners.
  6. Never talks about the Future:  Do not let anyone deceive you, talking about what the future may hold for you as a couple is appropriate because it may not be what either of you wants personally. And then, If your partner is reluctant to make future plans that include you it could be a sign that he/she sees you as temporary and isn’t ready to settle into a serious relationship.
  7. The ‘What are We’ Conversation: If you are trying to have the ‘What are we’ conversation, I do not envy you, because it is very awkward. Which means you are not even sure what you are doing. So, I will advise you, If you already know what you want out of the relationship, state your personal needs clearly and honestly. Then give your partner a very short time to tell you about their own personal needs. If they do not, please take a walk.


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