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Ways to get your relationship out of a rough patch

Here are a couple of ways for you and your partner to get out of that difficult place you seem to be permanently in.

How to Know if Your Relationship Needs Urgent Care

Every relationship goes through a number of ups and down, goes through a difficult phase. The trick is to hold on(as long as it does not affect you badly in any way) be strong and go through it together.  This post is going to be about the steps you can take to come out of a rough patch alongside your partner. Remember to carry your partner along as it will not get better if only one person wants it.

  1. Accept the difficult time: The first thing both of you need to do is accept the fact that things aren’t going to be always great between the two of you. Agree that your relationship is in a rough patch and don’t try denying it. There’s no shame in having problems with someone you love because we are all human, we all have our flaws and our problems.
  2. Talk about it: After accepting the fact that you two are going through a difficult time, it’s time to talk about it. Spend some time together, talk about the cause of the problem and find a solution, no matter how long it takes and don’t bring anger to the table
  3. Keep the positivity alive: It’s vital, very vital, to stay positive at all costs and not give room to any negative thoughts whatsoever. Your mind will try to go a thousand different directions that may be very destructive for you and your relationship but don’t give life to those ideas.
  4. Don’t let that “evil voice” take over: We all know that evil voice in our heads and how it becomes very strong and powerful when we are going through a difficult phase in life. That voice is going to tell you to end everything, it’s even going to tell you to look for other people, DO NOT LISTEN TO IT.
  5. Connect on an emotional level: Sometimes, rough patches happen because one partner isn’t emotionally present as the other partner, which makes the other partner feel like their emotions are wasting. You need to both be able to communicate on an emotional level.
  6. Ask a third person to help: I do not subscribe to this and do not advise you do so until you have exhausted the other five options. When they do not work, find that one friend who loves your relationship and wants to see it blossom. Who is not going to take sides but will tell it as it is.


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