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Ways to End Fights Quickly in Your Relationship

Here are 6 ways to end fights very quickly in your relationship.

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The truth of the matter is that you and your partner will fight, you will quarrel and be upset with each other and that is very natural and normal and shouldn’t be considered negative. Fights are normal in every relationship because you two are very different people who are trying to share a life together, so a difference of opinion is bound to come up sooner or later which will cause you two to clash.

Here is a list of 6 ways to end fights quickly and easily, let’s begin.

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  1. Calm yourself down: First and foremost, you need to calm yourself down and don’t let your anger take control of your thoughts. Once your anger kicks in, everything will usually end up in a mess and you don’t want that to happen. Try your best to be as calm as you can be.
  2. Get closure after every argument: Closure is very important after every argument and each fight. You have to make sure the two of you mutually come to an agreement and put an end to the fight together if not it will eventually lead to a much bigger fight.
  3. Don’t use the “Past Card”: During an argument, never ever use each other’s past to make each other feel weaker. It isn’t a competition, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about solving a problem. Using their past may lead to a bigger fight and it may also hurt their feelings more than you can imagine.
  4. Don’t elongate the fight: Some couples take days before they get back to normal after every fight and that’s not healthy for either of you. When you two have an argument, have that argument and end it right there and then, don’t let it create any sort of distance between you two and don’t let it live for two long.
  5. Don’t ignore the topic: Some couples use something called the “ignorance method”, and it’s one of the most annoying methods. The idea here is to just ignore the fight, just let it “fix itself” and try to pretend to be normal with each other. I want to inform you that it DOES NOT work that way. That argument is going to stay there until you talk it out and find a solution. Don’t ignore the fight, talk about it, let each other know how you feel, don’t keep it in or you’ll be regretting it later.
  6. Think of how much they mean to you: The true beauty of love is to love them even when you want to hate them because love can’t just die because you two can’t agree on something, true love stays the same and shows its face as soon as the two of you calm down.


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