Ways in Which You are Damaging Your Love Life

Sometimes, it is not your village people who are responsible, It is YOU.

Ways in Which You are Damaging Your Love Life

Unknowingly and even unconsciously, we do some things which don’t have a positive impact on our life. These habits have a way of subconsciously seeping into our daily life and then reduce our chances of being in a healthy relationship.

Even though we like to blame our village people for being single, the problem might just be you if you are doing even one of the following listed in this post.

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  • Having a negative mindset: A lot of people who have been single for a long time or have had unsuccessful relationships, develop a pessimistic mindset. If you keep having a cynical outlook towards finding the right partner, then this will be visible in all your social interactions, your overall energy will be low, you won’t put in enough effort in building up a conversation because you think it’s a waste.
  • Overindulging in comfort food/drinks: You will never see an emotionally healthy person constantly drowning their sorrows in comfort food, drinks or even alcohol etc. You don’t want to be labelled as unhappy and emotionally unstable, do you?  Chances are if you keep up with this harmful habit, very soon your physical health will start showing the signs too.
  • Being around people who are cynical about love: If the majority of people around you have negative opinions about love and relationships, you need to spend less time with them or else this negativity will affect you. How will you find something you don’t even believe exists if you do not give yourself a chance to be accepting of it.
  • Coming off as desperate: You should make your self be available when putting yourself out there for love but not appear too desperate. There is a balance, you just need to find it. Be subtle in your approach, don’t lose your poise and appear over eager.
  • Settling for a temporary relationship: Many people choose to be with the wrong person over being alone. Do not be with someone who is not right for you and say you are killing time as you wait for the right one to come along. You will never meet your right match if you are stuck with the wrong one. Be honest to yourself and your partner and don’t settle for a common relationship, if that’s not what you were looking for.
  • Cutting yourself off from social interactions: If you are looking to meet someone while you stay within your comfort zone, waiting to be discovered, then I’m sorry to tell you that the chances of that happening are very rare. You need to put yourself out there, stop turning down every invitation, stop excusing yourself from conversations. Doing these reduce the chances of ever meeting the one with some potential.


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