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Watch Out if Your Partner Sends You any of These Messages

Any of these text messages sent to you by your partner is a No-No.

Watch Out if Your Partner Sends You any of These Messages

Before you tag me as a messenger of doom or most likely call me a hater for trying to help you, you have to stop rolling your eyes. Yes, stop.

If your partner has not been in the mood to talk to you and if your conversations were brief and meaningless, it means something serious is going on. It most probably does not mean your relationship will end immediately but the person has obviously been thinking about break up. You should learn to spot them in time.

You do not believe me abi, Check out some of these text messages.

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  • We need to talk: Your partner will use confidence to text you that we need to have a serious conversation, but will always avoid it. Your chest is beating and you are asking yourself what you have done wrong. Let me just inform you that he or she is thinking of all the advantages and disadvantages of breaking up with you.
  • Go to bed. Don’t wait up for me: Lie!!! If your partner sends this text, it is a very bad sign. These kinds of text messages are sent by those people who are doing something wrong. It is right to know when your partner gets home. So sending a text message to say ‘Don’t wait up’ is fishy.
  • I need some time, I am confused: Confused about who? Why is it only you that has this confusion? Why are both not confused? Look there will be hard times of course. But there are no confusions. Getting an ‘I am confused’ message either via SMS or IM should confirm what I said in the beginning.
  • I am very tired! Let’s postpone our date out for another time: If your partner sends you this message a couple of times, there is really no need to worry as work and unforeseen circumstances can pop up. However, if he or she keeps on cancelling your dates with excuses that are becoming more flimsy, they probably want you to do the breaking up and spare them the trouble.
  • Whatever: In the grand scheme of replies, Whatever is being indifferent. The person does not care about what you’re saying and is not amazed by anything you say, at least not anymore. The word Whatever from your partner is an insult.
  • No reply: One thing that you should know is No reply is also a reply. If your partner does not reply to your messages, it means that he or she is probably busy or not near their phone. But if it becomes a constant, then they do not have time for you and how can someone not have time for a person they love?


The good news is all of the above problems can be solved. You just need to remind your partner of the good old times you used to have. You might need to sit down, talk sincerely with each other, and try to address the real issues in your relationship.


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