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Want to Visit a Gallery Here in Naija? We Give You The Top 5

Here are the top 5 galleries we have in Nigeria.

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. -Online Dictionary

Art is definitely an important part of Naija’s cultural image. The top art galleries in the country not only contribute a whole lot to the appreciation and preservation of art, but they also dedicate their spaces to building future talent.

Here are 5 Art Galleries you should definitely visit.

  1. Nike Art Gallery, Lagos, Osun, Kogi, and Abuja. It is owned by Nike Davies Okundaye. The four-story building in Lagos is filled with over 8,000 works from foreign and traditional Nigerian artists. Sait to be one of the largest in West Africa, the works in the gallery is steadfast in its portrayal and promotion of the richness of Nigerian and African culture, heritage, tradition, languages, and art. It has its galleries in four locations across the country. The use of any special cameras is highly prohibited in order to safeguard the originality of the artists’ artworks.  african sculptures on display in an art gallery

  2. Terra Kulture was established in 2004 by Bolanle Austen-Peters to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian Languages, Arts and Culture. It attracts a diverse crowd from far and wide. The building has a food lounge, an art gallery, a theatre and an art shop where books and African themed items are sold. With about 30 known exhibitions under its belt, Terra Kulture is one of the most prominent Nigerian centers for arts and culture. Image result for terra kulture art gallery
  3. Red door gallery was said to have been founded based on the belief that art is the ultimate form of expression of man’s deepest thoughts. The gallery is painted white and it has a significantly marked red door which might be one of the reasons it’s called Red Door gallery. Red Door provides artists and art enthusiasts an avenue where they are able to display, appreciate, learn about, and deal in art. Artworks on display at the Red Door Gallery
  4. Thought Pyramid, Wuse, Abuja: Is an “alternative gallery” with a goal to find and maintain a common ground for the traditional and commercial worlds of art in Nigeria. The center also dedicates an arm to educating people of all ages about “established artists and art movements.” Around 40 Nigerian artists exhibited their work at Thought Pyramid to mark World Art Day in April 2017.

  5. Vintage Art Gallery, Jos, Plateau: “Sunrise Nigeria,” by Shonibare OladeleThis Gallery’s exhibitions focus on creating positive social impacts through arts and creativity. Presently, what is most featured in the gallery are mostly works of the curator and art students, including sculptures, paintings, and illustrations.


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