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Want to Take a Vacation?  Here are 10 Countries You Can Visit Without a Visa

Wondering if there are any countries you can visit without a Visa as a Nigerian? Here are 10 of them.

Have you ever considered yourself an ‘Ajala’ but Visa and all its wahala has stopped you from achieving your greatest calling. Or you want to take a sabbatical but refuse to waste ample time waiting for the approval. Whatever the case might be, here are 15 free visa (for at least 30 days) destinations for Nigerians.

  1. Barbados.

This Island is in the Caribbean and totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 62 miles (100 km) east of the Windward Islands and about 250 miles (400 km) north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. And it is beautiful.

2. Mauritius.

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. It’s capital is Port Louis and its in Africa.

3. Fiji Islands.

Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It’s capital is called Suva and its in the continent of Oceania ( Oceania is a geographic region comprising Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Spanning the eastern and western hemispheres)

4. Cambodia.


Phnom Penh, its capital, is home to glittering Royal Palace, National Museum’s historical and archaeological exhibits. You are given a visa on arrival for up to 30 days.

5. Madagascar.

Remember that 2005 Animation produced by Dream works studios? Yes it is real and it’s in East Africa. Madagascar is home to numerous Islands and you’re given a visa on arrival for a whooping 90 days.

6. Seychelles.


This very popular tourist destination and a personal favorite of mine is open to Nigerians for up to 12 months with Visa on arrival. It has about 115 Islands, numerous beaches and nature reserves. It is also in East Africa.

7. Ghana.

Our very own neighboring country, Ghana is filled with unrefined beauty and rich history that spans the entire West African region as it was once the port stop for the trans-Atlantic slave trade route. By road or by air, Ghana is a good destination.

8. Cape Verde.

Cape Verde (also known as Cabo Verde) is a mysterious island paradise off the coast of West Africa that is known for its beautiful beaches, lazy towns, and folksy rhythms. It takes about 5 hours by air to get there and you are given a visa on arrival for up to 90 days.

9. Kenya.

Kenya is a country in East Africa and its Capital as Nairobi. With coastline on the Indian Ocean,this country encompasses Savannah, lake lands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. You’ll be given your visa on arrival for 90 days.

10. Togo.

Togo is a beautiful destination located in West Africa. It is one of Africa’s smallest countries. It can be traveled by road with an estimated time of 3 hours or by air with an estimated time of 45 minutes.

So here you have it. 10 travel destinations that do not involve Visa.

You are welcome.

NOTE: Nigerian passport holders can enjoy easy access into these countries without a visa. Or be given Visas at the point of entry.


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