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Want to Look Better as a Skinny Guy? Follow These Styles

Want to Look Better as a Skinny Guy? Follow These Styles

So you’re a skinny guy looking to appear more buff and masculine. You may have heard the typical advice to eat healthily, gain weight, and hit the gym.

While these are great steps as a good physique will make clothes fit you better, they take time to produce results.

As a temporary solution, you can pay more attention to the kinds of clothing you wear. Do they accentuate your skinny stature further? Or do they help to create a strong masculine impression?

Here are 5 tips that you can adopt as a skinny guy

Layer Up Your Clothes

If you’re a skinny guy then you’d definitely want to look fuller and add more volume to your appearance. You can do this by layering your clothes with jackets, sweaters, blazers, and shirts. These clothes can be layered on top of each other to help you look thicker and more buff.

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Ensure Your Sleeves fit properly

In order to give your forearms that muscular definition that they need, you should always ensure that your sleeves are well fitted. This means not leaving any room for space between the sleeves and the arm but making sure that the sleeves hug your arms just right. As a skinny guy, wearing loose clothing can make you look less muscular so always endeavour to tailor your clothes to the right size.

Aim For Lighter Colours

Wear lighter colours to help you look less-skinny. Colours like white, beige, and pastels, can help accentuate your body form better and make you appear fuller. While most people know that darker colours cause one to look slimmer, they may not know that lighter colours do the direct opposite.

Give Your Shoulders More Definition With The Right Clothing

Wearing certain clothes can make your shoulders appear broader and more muscular. Clothes that can add more buff to your shoulders include crew-neck sweaters, blazers, or denim jackets. These clothes have paddings that can add more mass to shoulders and make all the difference.

Hit The Gym

While these are all great solutions for a skinny guy, they are only temporary. If you ultimately want to look good in anything then you have to build a better physique. Moreover hitting the gym will help you live a healthy lifestyle so it should become a priority for your.


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