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Want to Know if Your Lover is “The One”? Read on!

Read this post to find different ways you can confirm if your partner is the one

Want to Know if Your Lover is "The One''? Read on!

Can we really say your lover is “The One”? A lot of people really think so. While the idea of a soulmate is great, in theory, there’s no hard evidence to back it up and, from a realistic perspective, believing that there is only one person for you in the whole world is rather limiting.

Just with the added fact that there are 7.4 billion people living on the planet, the odds are very much against you. With that being said, there are people in the world who are right for us far more than others. And, yes, it’s these people we often times refer to as “The One”.

If that’s the case, how do we now know when we’ve found them? If you find out that can do these six things with them, then it certainly sounds like you’ve snagged yourself a great match for the long-term.

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  1. Feel Safe With Each Other:It’s extremely important that you feel safe in a relationship. Not only should you be able to feel safe, physically but emotionally, mentally, and sexually safe, too. You should always be yourself with your partner. You should feel at ease in their presence and if you don’t have that then they probably aren’t ‘The One’ for you.”
  2. Be Transparent With Each Other:Although there’s nothing wrong with being guarded, especially because of past experiences, a major sign that someone is “The One” is that we drop the guard and the wall we’ve built around us to keep us safe. It’s important to be open with your partner and feel comfortable enough to share your feelings.
  3. Have Fun Together:There are actually some partners who don’t have fun together. You have to be able to have fun with your partner and laugh a lot; life is too short not to laugh until your tummy hurts sometimes. Having fun together is an important key to fostering closeness in a relationship. If the fun isn’t happening, the person is probably not ”The One.”
  4. Be Honest With Each Other:A healthy relationship cannot be built on a weak foundation, which includes lies, deceit, or important information being withheld. Honesty isn’t just the best policy, but unbelievably paramount in a relationship that has any hope of lasting.
  5. Communicate Well With Each Other:”Good communication is a critical foundation piece of a healthy relationship,” says Lesli Doares, Good communication means that you can engage in conversation. Being able to communicate well means no one is walking on eggshells, agreeing to things they don’t want to agree to or remaining silent out of fear of the other’s reaction.
  6. Embrace Each Other’s Differences:You cannot change people and, even if you could, if you love someone enough to think they’re “The One”, you shouldn’t try to change them. Or, more specifically, you shouldn’t even want to change them. You should accept who they are and fully embrace them

If you can’t do these with your lover, then maybe you haven’t found the right person for you just yet or, maybe it’s time to focus on improving these things so you and your partner can be better to yourselves.


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