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Want to know if you and your partner are not compatible? Then this post is specially made for you

The truth is hard but it will definitely set you free.

Want to know if you and your partner are not compatible? Then this post is specially made for you

A relationship is the coming together of two people and it will be better if the said people were compatible to a certain extent. The best relationships bloom when both parties want the same things and even though it sounds like an easy task, finding a compatible partner is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

More often than not, people find themselves in relationships with a non-compatible partner and then realize that they are not on the same page or even reading the same book.

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This post is to help you spot the signs that you and your partner are not compatible.

  1. You feel you’re not compatible: This is the first sign because you probably will go through this before any of the signs that will follow. If you feel even a slight discomfort that you may not be compatible, it is very likely you’re not.
  2. You have totally different lifestyles: Do not get us wrong, it is perfectly okay to have different lifestyles because opposites we know, do attract but there should be a common ground between you and your partner. Even an introvert-extrovert combination can only work  when both parties are willing to compromise to make each other happy.
  3. You don’t share common interests: Wherever you both are headed in a relationship, both of your interests should reflect that. Each of your moves should be about getting the relationship to whatever place you both have agreed. This shows you have a common interest in being together for the long haul.
  4. There is a constant struggle for power: The couples who are almost like tend to struggle constantly for power; each person trying to outdo the other in one way or another. It’s no longer a relationship but a tug of war where they don’t listen to each other, compromise or support each other.
  5. Your communication level is low: Great communication is what builds or breaks a relationship as couples who are known to talk about everything often end up together for a long time. You should spend more time talking about things that interest you like finances, intimacy, and the future.
  6. You are not a team: Lack of teamwork is a major issue many couples face in their relationships. Couples who do not purposely walk together, probably because of different values or thought patterns are not likely to be called compatible.

You need to check your relationship and see if these signs are evident in it. f they are, you both have work to do.


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