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Want to Know How You Can Wear Your Denim Appropriately?

Denims are always in vogue. Here are a few ways to wear it appropriately.

Want to Know How You Can Wear Your Denim Appropriately?

Dear gentlemen, let me just tell you that women love a well-dressed man. A man whose looks can kill, not literally o. But ladies also love the street smart man who knows his way around the fashion world. There is a way you will combine the combination that the women will just twale you anytime they see you.

For denim, there is a proper way to wear them, different elements that you’ll have to combine to get the perfect look and the truth is it’s way easy to do.

So, do you wish to be the man that knows how to dress his denim the appropriate way? Well, read on.

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  1. Your denim should be a proper fit, what this means is your jeans should be trimmed around the waist and hips, the fit should also be comfortable. It should not be too tight thereby showing off your packages. It should also not be loose. A narrow, slim or regular fit is the way to go while putting your body type into consideration. You can get it tailored if you are not happy with the size.
  2. You see that long jean you keep wearing is not the way forward Sir, the length of your trouser should end around your ankles. And if you are so determined to lower it, remember it should be cuffed. In fact, this gives it an extra look and a bit more spunk. Just make sure that the cuff is really neat.
  3. Okay, remember I just talked about shoes, some of them can be formal. You can also try brogues and derbies or even dress boots too because they do really well. You can try loafers too seeing as they are formal and go well with casuals but the little problem is they do not add any killer looks to your denim.
  4. Wear socks. Wear socks. Brothers wear socks.  Loafers and Traditional wears are the only exceptions to this rule. I am advising you because we do not want your feet to stink to the high heavens. You can wear what is called a ‘no show socks’ for loafers if you really must wear socks.
  5.  Your shoes can be either leather, suede or whatever you so desire. But remember, if you wish to look sharp, keep them polished. Not those your water and rag polishing but the correct one with brush and polish. Contact your neighbourhood aboki to fix you up

See how I’m helping you to look dapper? Don’t go and fall my hand tomorrow by wearing your denim anyhow. Let us respect our age and dress appropriately biko.


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