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Want to know how to dress up for a first date? Let’s go there!

We are happy that you are going on a date. So we wrote another post for you.

Want to know how to dress up for a first date? Let's go there!

So, the last post we had about first dates was how you could have fun and not end up having a bad day because of the date. If you have not read t, you can do so here

Today we will be talking about what you should wear when going for a first date, what is appropriate, what is not etc.

So if you have a date planned in the nearest future and you know how to have fun at it, you should definitely know what to wear.

Are you ready? By the way, this post is obviously for the ladies, men you have a direct approach to what you are wearing depending on where the date is taking place.

  1. When in doubt, choose red: Researchers say that red is the sexiest colour a woman can wear and a number of studies made on a certain number of men who saw pictures of women dressed in red, were tempted to ask questions with love and affection tint, comparable with men who saw pictures with women dressed in green or blue. If you think a red dress is too formal or serious for the kind of date planned, you can try wearing a red top of using a red scarf.
  2. Choose a dress or outfit that you normally receive compliments when you put it on. The main purpose is to be admired and appealing so why don’t you wear something that has appealed to other people before which made you feel good about yourself. As long as it is comfortable and appropriate for the date and the venue.
  3. A first date isn’t the right time to experience a new and bold trend or to wear an outfit for the first time. It’s more important that you feel comfortable so we advise that you wear clothes that fit your body type and personal style and do not in any way make you uncomfortable or self-conscious. Remember that attitude and self-confidence is very attractive!
  4. Don’t wear new shoes and the reason is that it might be slightly uncomfortable because you are just breaking them in. Wear shoes that you have worn before or are familiar with your feet so that you are not thinking about the pain at the tip of your toe instead of having a good time.
  5. Makeup is also important: Date day is not the day to begin trying new tricks or watching Youtube videos to help slay in 5 minutes. Today is not the day to try something new, so do not.  Just stick to the basics of what you know and what is acceptable. If you are not a makeup person, date day is also not the day to try it out.


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