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Want to have fun on your first date? Then this post will definitely be your ultimate guide

We are happy that you are happy about this date so we wrote a post for you.

Want to have fun on your first date? Then this post is definitely be your ultimate guide

In the simplest of terms, the first date is the first step in getting to know someone outside of calling, texting and chatting. Even though nobody plans on having a bad first date, these things have been known to happen from time to time.

Even if the first date leads to nothing, here is a way to have fun while at it.

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  • The other person: First things First. Please make sure that you are going on a date with someone whose company you actually enjoy or likely to enjoy or someone you’re interested in or might be interested in. This will quickly help to eliminate any sort of awkwardness that may arise. We know that some people have agreed to go out on dates just because they were bored, lonely or even hungry but it will only make things worse. Why be miserable and full when you can just stay in and eat?
  • Agree on a venue that is acceptable for both parties: It is important to reach a conclusion with your date on where to meet up. If you would rather go to the movies and your date prefers the park, then it puts you both at odds and would definitely ruin your date. Make sure there is an agreement with the venue and you both are okay with it.
  • Choose the activities you are comfortable with: If you are a movie and snack kind of person, don’t go to a car racing event, especially not on the first date. That will definitely not make for a good memory. Make sure you both do things you are comfortable so that you don’t ruin your mood, the date and any hope of future dates.
  • Favourite time of activity: What time are you most alive? Are you a nocturnal being and would naturally have a good time in the evening or you are more alive during the daytime? Choose a time when you’re more likely to be yourself and not when you’ll be drab.
  • Follow the rules: While going out on a date, there are a few basic date etiquettes and dating rules that should still apply in having a fun date: Be punctual, and if you’re late or going to be late, apologize. Don’t be critical. It’s a date, not a job interview or an examination. Don’t talk about yourself only. Be interested in your date and what he or she has to say or is saying. Ensure your date is also having fun and not bored


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