Want to Feel Closer to Your Partner All Weekend? These are things to do on Friday

Friday night comes with opportunities for you and your partner to feel close, go on a fun date, catch up and re-connect with each other. It will also set the tone for a great weekend.

Friday night is a period for unwinding after having a tough week and reminding yourselves of how much you’re connected.

What can you both do as a couple to make you feel closer and to make your weekend great? Below are 7 things to do on Friday.


  1. Recap your week

Start by sharing highlights of your week by expressing what made you happy, what you’re stressed about and what went on at work. This is a way of letting your significant other into your day-to-day affairs and it makes them a part of you.


  1. Put your phones away

Putting your phones away while you’re spending time together is a great way to bond. This prevents distractions and makes you spend quality time in re-connecting with your significant other after the busy week.


  1. Complain for five minutes

Did you have a stressful week? This is the best time to complain about it. However, do not complain too long as this will ruin your moment together.

Set aside some minutes to express your grievances about friends, family members, and work.


  1. Watch TV

One of the most ideal and affordable ways to end the week is by watching TV together. Relax after a stressful week and bond with your significant other by watching a movie you both like and snuggling close to each other.


  1. Talk about your relationship

Talk about your relationship and iron out some tension that couldn’t be resolved during the week.


  1. Make dinner together

After spending a stressful week by eating anything that comes your way, it will be great to make a real meal with your significant other.

Choose a recipe you’ll both love to try and plan on making dinner on Friday night. This is a medium to work together in accomplishing a goal and bonding!


  1. Look into each other’s eyes

Increase the intimacy between the two of you by doing things to make you feel close. Snuggle on the couch, hold your hands and look into each other’s eyes.

This has an unbelievable way to make you connect and feel the spark in your relationship.


  1. Go on a date

Friday night is the perfect period to go on a date night. It doesn’t have to be a very expensive outing. Use this as a medium to create more memories and try something new!


What other things do you think will make you feel closer to your partner all weekend? Let’s know in the comments section below!


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