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Want to Express Your Feelings To a Colleague? Here is How!

Have you ever been in the situation where you fell in love with a colleague of yours?

Want to Express Your Feelings To a Colleague? Here is How!

Have you ever been in the situation where you actually like that colleague/classmate of yours but find it hard to make that step in expressing your feeling of love for him or her, having the fear of being rejected?

Many have actually faced such problems, we know we have, and become lost for what to do about it. And when he or she is actually focused about work or studies, it becomes more difficult, not wanting to risk creating a bad atmosphere. And for this reason, we choose to just hide away our feelings.

But very often these feelings can never just lie to themselves, only falling deeper and deeper for that someone each day. Not wanting to create a bad atmosphere, but in the end still not able to avoid it, finding oneself struggling within; losing all his or her drive and passion.

Well, there is definitely no need to be giving yourself all these unnecessary stress and unhappiness. If you find yourself in this position, we suggest doing the following;

Want to Express Your Feelings To a Colleague? Here is How!

Instead of avoiding them, just face things and this person graciously.

The fact is just going to remains as it is; that very colleague of yours is just going to be there for each of those days. There is no need to run away, bringing unhappiness for yourself. You have to learn to be more mature with your feelings.

Build a friendship with him/her.

There is no harm in just making more new friends. You both can start up being friends and something beautiful can blossom from there. Remember to avoid appearing too desperate for attention and play it cool with them. All things being equal, if you play the right cards, you will be sealing the deal faster than you know it. Well, why not? Why wouldn’t it be possible? Be more optimistic in life. If he or she enjoy his or her time with you, it is just very possible of him or her to fall in love with you too.

Just let nature take its own course.

Instead of avoiding contact with that very colleague, befriend him or her. And just how can this friendship ever be developed into any possible love relationship, we shall just leave that possibility open and see how things will be along the way. If things don’t really work out well, you guys can still nevertheless be colleague and friends, isn’t it?


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