Wait! Before you get that pet; check out 10 times pets have killed their owners

Keeping animals at home is a mammoth task. Be it cat, dog, hamster, goldfish, and maybe even a rabbit, each pet comes along with its own set of do’s and don’t owner must follow to ensure that the pet has a happy and healthy life. However, not all animals supposed to behave like a pet and keeping them often cost you more than the amount you used in buying them. From a girl bitten to death by her pet hamster to a man torn apart and eaten by his pet lion, we take a look at 10 pets that killed their owners

1) Spider: A 30-year-old man from Germany was found lifeless in his is home when is pet spider (Black widow) escaped her cage. After his phone was unreachable for 14 days, his family and friends informed the police who broke into is an apartment where they saw poor Mark Voegel draped in spider webs.

2) Camel: When Pam Weaver received a 300 pounds Camel for her husband on her 60th birthday, She was in seventh heaven little did she knew that Camel would be the one to send her to heaven. Fast forward to August 2007, Pam Weaver was crushed to death by the camel.

3) Boa: In 2010, Cory Bryne was strangled to death by his own pet boa. He was fond of wrapping the snake on his neck but on this fateful, the boa strangled him to death.

4) Lion: In 2004 when Al Abiel was attempting to clean the enclosure of his pet lion, it pounced on him and tore him apart which resulted in his death.

5) Black Bear: On a beautiful Saturday afternoon when 37-year-old Kelly Ann Walz was cleaning the interior to her pet bear enclosure, the 350 pounds beast mauled her to death.

6) Hamster: On April 1st, 2013, a young girl of about 11 years was pronounced dead after she was bitten in her little finger by her pet hamster. The young girl was playing with her pet hamster when the ugly accident happened.

7) Bull: Riki had already plans for is 53rd birthday when he was attacked by his own pit bull a day before his birthday. What ought to a birthday celebration, turned out to be a funeral full of many wet eyes.

8) Tiger: In 2006, the people of Pine County, Minnesota were woke up to hear the sad news of the death of a 52year old woman known as Cynthia Lee. She was mailed to death by her pet Tiger until her death, She was a reader, writer, and wildlife documentary editor.

9) Hippo: South African farmer Marius Helps kept a hippo as a pet on his farm. He loved the animal so much that he even called him a son. But on the 11th of November 2011, things went sour when the hippo dragged him into a nearby river and mauled him to death.

10) Cat: When her neighbors weren’t seeing her often, they became worried and informed the police. The police arrived at their house and were shocked to see poor Janet Veal lying lifeless and being feast upon on by her cats


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