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Very Cheap Destinations You Can Travel To When Broke

Broke people, come and see cheap destinations that you can travel

Very Cheap Destinations You Can Travel To When Broke

Please stand up if you are broke. Okay now as you are standing, raise up your hand if you are very broke and still have travelling on your to-do list. Ehen. The first set of people can go, it is the very broke that this post is for.

Let’s face it. It’s easier to dream about travelling than to actually travel because it actually could cost you a fortune which is why I have decided to let you know cheap travel destinations. Once you reach these destinations, you pretty much can live comfortably.

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  1. THAILAND: Thailand is cheap as in. Very cheap. It has also has been termed ‘the land of smiles’ and for good reason because the locals are very lovely. You can explore one of its many islands or live the city life in Bangkok. Accommodation and Food prices are on the relatively low side.
  2. VIETNAM: Vietnam is VERY rich in culture and history and you’d probably need around the 2 weeks to really immerse yourself in everything the country has to offer.
  3. CAMBODIA: This is home to the ruins of Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh’s Central Market and the Gulf of Thailand’s stunning coastline. Food and Accommodation are also on the low side here.
  4. LAOS: Laos needs to be considered as one of the underdog locations in Southeast Asia. It is a country that can help to cleanse your adrenaline junkie if it is deep in your soul. There are countless opportunities which include cycling, cave jumping, kayaking, zip-lining and tubing opportunities.
  5. PRAGUE: Prague is located in the Czech Republic and it is rumored to be seriously cheap. It’s also a stone throw away from other dream European destinations. The Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Castle are must-see spots.
  6. BUDAPEST: Budapest is located in Hungary and is just a quick cross over from Prague. The Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion and great nightlife are a few of the things that are waiting for you in Budapest.
  7. MALAYSIA: Remember that time Malay was a destination for Nigerians? Well, Malaysia is said to be bursting at its seams with culture and is so much more than just Kuala Lumpur. The East Coast of Malaysia has quite a few beaches that rank amongst the best beaches of Southeast Asia.
  8. SRI LANKA: Sri Lanka is fine and stunning and the good thing is it is slowly opening its doors to tourism after ending its war in 2009. They have got hikes, temples, museums, oceanside towns and breathtaking beaches. You should visit there.


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