#Valentine: 4 Great Ideas For Lovers To Celebrate This Day

Many would love the second one

When was the last time you and your husband went on a real date? You always say you will but something will always come up right?

The children, work and the fact that you can barely spare 30 minutes of your day to take care of yourself makes it hard for you to even think about going on a date with your boo.

But no more excuses for you this term! Now’s the time to do it. Plan a date night for your boo on Val’s day, and enjoy yourself ’cause you definitely deserve it. And here are 4 creative ways to do it;

1. Date night at home

You can plan a date night with your husband, and I’m not advising that you order pizza at home and eat it while sitting on the couch. I’m talking about doing something more romantic like picking a menu and cooking it with your husband while the music is playing. When the food is done, set a table for two and light the candles, while the slow music is playing, eat your food, occasionally pausing to give each other romantic looks. After the food, dance and from there ….

2. Gamble and strip

The events leading to sex on this day has to be different. So while you play a game of dice or card, lose on purpose, and each time someone loses, they have to pull off their clothes(you’ll do it for each other). Do this until you are naked and anticipating what’s next..

3. Go out, have some fun

If you haven’t been in the club in a long time I’m sure your dancing skills will be a little rusted. But notwithstanding, you can turn your house into a dance club. Play your favorite music, strip and dance for your boo, after which the two of you can hit the dance floor together. This package should come with disco lights, alcoholic drinks, and you should make up your face and look hot. Laugh, dance and unwind.

4. Recreate your first date

What did you enjoy doing when you were still dating? Do it again, make it as creative as possible. You can go back to the first place you met, play the first listened to, together. Remember what used to make him smile and do it, telling him “you used to like this” so he can be encouraged to do it back. The idea is to bring back old sweet memories that’ll make you two giddy in love again.

Be with each other, don’t leave each other, be firm. do things together not only during this season but every time. This will surely help your relationship afterwards. Life they say is simple but not without a good woman or a man beside you.

The only way you can make this day is by being determined to be happy. Forget everything that has happened in the past, see only today and try to give your relationship a second chance if it was in shreds before. Wishing you a happy Valentine in advance



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