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Vacation: 5 Fun Things To Add To Your Travel List

5 things you should do to make your vacation more fun.

Are you ready to take that vacation with your partner, girlfriends or siblings? Here are 5 things that you can do to make it more fun and exciting. The rule of this is to avoid things that you can do in your own city or country and delve deep into the culture that is surrounding you. Take a plunge, do something fun.

  1. Capture the memories. This is obviously at the top of the list. What is a vacation if you cannot share or post pictures right? Right. However, try to capture it more with your eyes and not spend all the time trying to make us enjoy it while you miss out on all the beauty surrounding you. Bask in the euphoria of being in a new city, inhale the different smells, appreciate the landscapes and all the things that make the country beautiful. Only then, should you share it with us.
  2. Go on an excursion. Try to go on holiday within the holiday. Yes, leaving the location you are in to experience the next town or city and then returning to the same spot. It helps you make the most of it before you have to return to base.
  3. Take the bus. I know it seems daunting especially with trying to figure out the language, timetables, and tickets but getting on a bus in a city unknown to you is the true spirit of traveling. Just make sure you ask questions to be on the right road.
  4. Make friends with the local. Talking to the locals is a great way to form a bond or connection with the country. Learning the basic greetings like Good Morning, Afternoon, Night, Thank you, Goodbye or See you soon is a good way of showing the indigenes that you are interested in their culture. Here’s a quote from James A. Michener that perfectly sums up people who vacation and want nothing to do with its culture.

    If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.

  5. Try the food. I know it’ll be much safer for you to eat what you can pronounce or stick to universal meals in order to avoid stories that touch your tummy. But what is the essence of traveling if you cannot claim to have tasted a dish from that country? So live a little dear one and give your taste buds something they have never known and are not used to.

Bon Voyage Amigos.


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