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Use these 5 habits to strengthen your relationships from now on

5 habits that help strengthen your relationship

Use these 5 habits to strengthen your relationships from now on

There are certain DO’s and DONT’s that pertains to relationships. We sometimes focus on the DONT’s because we have a notion that relationships are supposed to be perfect and without stress.

You need to let go of the idea of a perfect relationship because there is no such thing and also because you and your partner are unique and so is your relationship. So, while going through these six habits you might think they are toxic but they really are not.

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  1. Agreeing to Disagree is allowed: It is totally okay to disagree and to embrace the disagreement without any hurt feelings is the key to a happy, long-term relationship. We all have our differences and coming to terms with them is how a relationship can grow, last and stand the test of time. You might not like something that your significant other does but you need to accept it as long as you agree to be together.
  2. Accepting your partner’s flaws: Every romantic movie ever made says you have to have a perfect partner which makes us be on the lookout for perfection in our partner. In the real world, no one is perfect – even the most perfect of the person is lacking something. We all come with flaws and accepting that of your partner and appreciating them is where true intimacy lies.
  3. Appreciating the time apart: It happens often that being in a relationship consumes you, you start spending all of your time with your partner and investing lesser time in things that were important to you. It is okay if you two spend some time apart without feeling the need to be with one another all the time. You need to indulge in hobbies and interests that define you.
  4. Being willing to end it: You probably know someone who stays in an abusive relationship because they aren’t ready to end it. People think that the end of a relationship is an utter failure because it ended that is so wrong. You should be able to gauge when to exit.
  5. Hurting each other’s feelings sometimes: If you have been in a relationship, you probably have felt the need to constantly say good things about the other person. But we know that is not possible, you will not be able to say nice things always and sometimes honesty is not always pretty. You have got to be willing to admit and say things you know would upset the other.


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