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Untold Benefits of Playing Chess


In this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of playing chess.

Every game has its benefits, for example, if you play football it is good for your stamina and your legs. Similarly, chess has its own benefits like it is very good for your brain. Due to more use of brain in this game experts say that everyone should play this or similar games to increase the intelligence and working of the brain.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the basic benefits of playing chess. So it is advisable that you also learn this game and play it.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Chess

So without wasting any more time lets discuss them one by one.

1. Increase Brain Growth

In chess, we do not have to move much instead it is a game of hands and brain. So when we use our brain to defeat your opponent or to put him in a difficult situation then it definitely improves our brain growth. It is also a saying, if we use our brain more the more quickly it grows.

2. Raises our IQ Level

A study has shown that playing chess increases the IQ level. A common question asked by people is, does chess make people smart or do smart people play chess? And we think we know the answer to this question. Chess makes the people smart and intelligent.

3. Improves Memory

If you are familiar with chess then you definitely agree with it that it sharpens the memory because there are many complex things and strategies that you have to remember in this game to defeat your opponent. And you can only do this if you have a good memory. So in this way, it helps in improving or maintaining our memory.


4. Help in Preventing Alzheimer Disease

As we grow old our capabilities diminish and similarly our memory too. Alzheimer is a disease in which our power to remember things diminish. So to maintain our memory and to keep ourselves away from this disease we have to play such games in which we could use our brain and chess is one of them.

5. It improves our concentration

According to a survey, due to the increase in usage of electronic devices the graph of human concentration time has suddenly decreased from 30 seconds to 7 seconds. This is the average value which shows that we human cannot concentrate on anything for more than 7 seconds. And according to me, this is a very alarming figure when we read that dolphin has a concentration time of 27 seconds.

So we think we should avoid the excessive use of electronic devices and should play such games which could increase our concentration time. And chess is one of those best games that you can always play.

I hope after reading this article you will for sure start learning and playing chess. This is very beneficial for your mental health. There are many benefits of playing chess but these are the most common.


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  1. I wanted to thank you for the interesting article about chess. It’s good to know that chess can actually improve and maintain your memory. I wonder if someone should play chess regularly if their family has a history of memory problems.

  2. It’s interesting to know that playing chess will increase my intelligence level, and this is something that I’ve been aiming for. I think I’ll start by taking some online lessons so that I’ll know the rules of chess and take things at my own pace. This way, I’ll be able to play with others with enough knowledge about the game as much as possible.

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