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Unexplained Ocean Mysteries That Are Sure To Keep You Awake At Night

The ocean covers about 70% of the earth’s surface, yet, we’ve only discovered about five percent of it, which leaves ninety-five percent still unexplored. Whatever could be hidden within this remaining large portion of the ocean is left to the imagination.

However, there have been several mysterious sightings of phenomena that scientists have still not been able to explain. From supposed sea monsters to underwater cities, here are 5 unexplained ocean mysteries that scientists are still trying to rack their brains on.

Mariana Trench

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One puzzle that scientists have still not been able to solve is finding out what is at the deepest point of the ocean. The Mariana Trench is the deepest known trench in the ocean, coming in at 36,201 feet deep. This means you could stick Mt. Everest right into the bottom and it would be covered completely by water, leaving an extra 7,000 feet of extra water on top. Imagine exploring that amount of water, and you would know how difficult it is. There have only been four successful expeditions and nobody can really tell what is down there.

The Ghost Ship Kaz II

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In 2007, a three-manned boat named Kaz II set sail from Australia. It was later found mysteriously drifting with the motor still running. They also found a powered-on laptop and a well-arranged table with no sign that anything was wrong. Surprisingly, there was no one on the ship. Although coroners have speculated what might have happened to the three men, they’ve still not been able to come up with any findings. As a result, the boat was dubbed “the ghost yacht”.

Mysterious Sounds 

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For many years, people have reported hearing strange sounds from around the world. But it’s more scary when you hear such sounds from the depths of the ocean. There have been several mysterious sounds heard from the ocean, with the most popular ones being “The Bloop” and “The Julia”. It is not clear whether these sounds are being made by very large objects or even creatures, but whatever is producing such sounds from such far distances must be quite large.

The Bermuda Triangle 

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For years, the Bermuda Triangle has been a notorious sea legend around the world. It is a region of the atlantic ocean that was named for its triangular shape of around 500,000 square miles of ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Aside from reports of strange things occurring in the triangle, several boats and planes have disappeared in the region with no trace of them since then.

The HMS Daedalus’ Sea Serpent

Unexplained Ocean Mysteries That Are Sure To Keep You Awake At Night

There have been two notable reported sightings of this gigantic creature. First, the crew of the HMS Daedalus, a Royal Navy Warship, sighted the 100-foot-long snake with a dragon’s head swim near their boat. Well, if this story by the Daedalus crew doesn’t sound true, wait until you hear the next one. The second time this creature was spotted was when the American Brig Daphne saw it, shot at it and even tried to follow it, but lost it at sea.

Although scientists think they might have seen a whale, a whole crew of experienced sailors would know the difference between a whale and serpent, wouldn’t they?


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