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Unexpected Ways To Tell Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Want to know if you’ve gotten to the serious stage of your relationship? Read this

Unexpected Ways To Tell Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

You know that feeling when you realize that things have switched up and you can see obvious tell-tale signs of the relationship and that it is getting to the next level.

But when a relationship is still starting out, and you aren’t quite sure where you stand, there are certain little things that can give you a clue that it’s the real thing.

Which is why I am here, to tell you/give pointers on how you can guess or even know if your relationship can now be called serious.

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You’re Friends With Each Other’s Friends: Getting to know the friends of the person you are dating is a very huge part of getting to know themand fashioning your own relationships out of that means that, everyone’s approved and, you’re becoming more integrated with each other.

  1. You’re Planning For The Future: Going away for the first time with a new partner is exciting and then it gives you a glimpse into what your future will be like while you both travel, live together etc
  2. You have selfies together that can make up an album: We both know that the compilation of selfies of both of you on both your devices can make an album all on its own. Every outing, every meal together, every walk, everything is been documented via the camera of your phone.
  3. The gateman knows you: If you’re spending plenty of time at your partner’s place for the gateman to recognize you, then you’re spending enough there to classify it as serious.
  4. You’ve had your first huge fight and survived: If you’ve gotten through a blow-up fight, the serious kind without breaking up, it means you’re both committed to each other for the foreseeable future.
  5. You know each other’s schedule: Just looking at the clock and knowing what your partner is doing at that exact time is unlocking another level of relationship and the fact that you both can guess what the other person is up to is just very cute.
  6. You have nicknames for each other: Especially the kind that makes your friends cringe when they hear it. You have now unlocked another level in the serious relationship game.
  7. Silence is no longer awkward: Know when you just started being friends and you felt you had to fill every pocket of silence with words and those weird pauses between conversations that make you cringe. Ehen, shey you see they do not happen anymore?
  8. Passwords are not for you: There might be passwords on all devices and apps and all but they are not for you because you know them all.


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