Unbelievable! These Cultures Still Wear Their Traditional Outfit Everyday

Would you believe that there are cultures and countries that still wear their traditional outfit every day? Surprising, isn’t it? These cultures have adopted the same fashion for years, and will still proudly wear their traditional outfits on a daily basis.

Check out them in the list below:

  1. Pakistan

The traditional sari and shalwar kameez are both worn in Pakistan. The shalwar kameez is worn commonly by everyone, including the Punjabi. Saris are most common in the cities and are worn mostly by the Muslims and Hindus.

Sari and shalwar kameez are cotton lightly draped around the body. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal also wear a sari.

  1. Maasai of Kenya

The Maasai are also in Tanzania. Before the 1960s, they commonly wear animal skins that were dyed in different colours. However, in recent times, they wear clothes with all sorts of colours and patterns.

Flowery-patterned clothes are worn by both men and women. The most common of them is kanga, which is a one-piece.

Also, they were beaded jewelry and each colour has a different meaning. For example, red colour means warrior or brave and white colour means peace.

In those days, the beads were made out of clay, bone, seeds, etc. but now, the beads are mostly made out of glass.

  1. Madagascar

Lamba is an outfit that the people of Madagascar wear. It is more traditional to see elderly men and men living outside of urban areas wearing it. Women commonly wear the lamba.

In those days, the lamba was usually worn alone but in recent times, it is usually worn over western clothing.

Apart from wearing the lamba, it also has a different meaning. To the people of Madagascar, it serves as protection from wind or dust, carrying a child, the sun, a covering when going to swim or bathing, etc. it is also worn for funerals and ceremonies.

We cannot say how much longer the lamba will be used as the people of Madagascar are embracing a more westernized outfit.

  1. Japan

The kimono form Japan is an item of trendy clothing that is common amongst women in several parts of the world. In Japanese, the kimono means ‘thing to wear.’ The kimono has different styles.

Some other types of clothes are also common to the Japanese. We have the men and women kimono.

The men usually wear kimono in darker colours such as green, blue and black, and wear lighter colours for casual events.

Kimonos are mostly worn for ceremonial purposes but we still have older generations that wear them every day.

  1. United States

You’re probably wondering, ‘Seriously? America? No, not possible!’ Northern states in America wear flannel during winter to keep warm. The flannel can come in any pattern. In the southwest, cowboy boots and hats can also be seen on occasion.

North Americans still wear the Amish and Mennonite traditional outfits that originally came from German Switzerland.

Now you believe that there are cultures that wear their traditional outfits every day!


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