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Ulcer: A Natural Remedy You Didn’t Know About

Ulcer: A Natural Remedy You Didn't Know About

Peptic Ulcer is caused by the bacteria known as Helicopter Pylori. The Helicopter Bacteria is well adapted to the acidic nature of the stomach and so, it is no surprise that spicy food aggravates ulcer symptoms because they increase the acidic content in the stomach. Therefore, the Helicopter Pylori is able to do more damage.

When treating Peptic Ulcer, it is very important to ensure the ulcer wounds heal so as to avoid worsening symptoms leading to complications.

This is where fermented unripe plantain comes into play. Many former Ulcer patients have given their testimonials on how this awesome remedy has cleared their symptoms permanently. Also, many patients who suffered from peptic Ulcer and couldn’t find a long-lasting solution for their ailment claim fermented unripe plantain was what finally worked for them.

Unripe Plantains have been found to be effective in the treatment of Ulcers. They help soothe inflamed and irritated mucous membrane and have some antibacterial property. When unripe plantain is fermented, its effect is doubled. This is because fermented foods contain bacteria known as Probiotics.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are beneficial to the human body, particularly the digestive system. Probiotics can help to reduce the amount of harmful Helicopter Pylori in the stomach, thus, Probiotics can be referred to as the good bacteria of the gut while Helicopter Pylori, the bad bacteria.

Another good reason to administer the fermented unripe plantain to an Ulcer patient is because of its healing properties. The fermented plantain has a sticky gum which when ingested sticks to the Ulcer sores and promotes healing. As long as the unripe plantain is administered for a certain period of time, the ulcer wounds heal.

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Materials Needed

. A 4-5 litre container;

. 2-3 fruits of unripe plantain;

. Clean water to fill the container.

Follow this procedure to prepare the mixture:

. Peel out the bark of the plantains and rinse;

. Dice the plantain into very small bits – the smaller the better to increase the rate of fermentation – and fill the container with it;

. Fill the container with clean water and leave the mixture to ferment for about two to three days;

. After this period your mixture is now ready for use.


Drink a tumbler (around 30ml) every morning and night, 30 minutes before meals for about two to three weeks and watch how your symptoms improve. However, see your doctor if symptoms persist.


This is not in any way intended to replace modern science and its medical treatments; it is a way of promoting self-therapy and the use of alternative medicines to cure people, especially using natural herbs and roots. It is also based off on the personal experiences of all those who have adopted this therapy.


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