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Turning Common Hobbies to Money Ventures. Learn How!

Have you ever heard that “successful people succeed because they do the thinks they love”? Well, I guess you have. You can turn your hobbies into cash when you have the right guide. Go through the common hobbies below and find out if there’s a hobby you can start profiting off.

Here are the ways to turn common hobbies to money ventures:

Write A Cookbook

So, you have a passion for cooking and experimenting with new dishes? Then this is for you. If you love to cook, the easiest and best way to start making money right away is to write or publish a cookbook. So, what do you think? Do you think you have enough recipes in your notepad to make a cookbook?

What about if you only enjoy cooking, but you’re not really all that good at making tasty dishes? You can still write a cookbook. If you have confidence in your skills as a cook, you could also start a vlog to show your step by step method in making food.


So, you’ve been singing to yourself in the bathroom and a few family members and they have been impressed. To make it as a musician takes a lot of work, talent, and a little luck here and there. There a few different ways that artists make their money. Record sales, of course is one major way, but they also make money from concert ticket sales, merchandising, performance, mechanical, sync, and print royalties, and even brand endorsements.

To make it as a musician, you need to start small, build a fan base or following in your locality, and then grow that following. There is a sacrifice to making it as a musician, all those weeks and months of constant building could take a toll on your relationships and health. But if fame and fortune is what you’re seeking, this is a road you have to walk.

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Life Coach

Have you noticed people coming to you for advice about their personal life? Or do you regularly find yourself encouraging people to be better? The being a life coach is something you can be.

Gather up your experiences and go for it. You will spend a lot of time working on how you communicate better and properly to the target audience. You may have heard big life coaches who speak, write, and train people to overcome their phobias, deal with their problems, and achieve great things. And guess what? This isn’t free, so make the best out of it.

Become an Actor

Acting might have been a calling for you without you even knowing. Do you see yourself always drawn to drama clubs or societies? then perhaps the most notable way to make money in theater is to become an actor. But that takes real hard work, doesn’t it? Like a lot of it. Don’t be discouraged, even if you’re are not yet confident about your talent, there is plenty room for improvement. With time and hard work, you can make a pretty good living at it.

Travel Book Author

Is travelling a big hobby for you? Now imagine being able to travel the world, see all of the cool hot spots, and get paid for it. That’s what travel authors and bloggers do. You travel to distant lands, make notes of the fun things to do while you’re there and then come home and write a book, or edit your video and then sell it. You not only get to effectively travel for free, you even get paid to do it.

Movie Reviewer

So, I bet you’re asking, how does this work? As a movie reviewer, you basically get paid to go to the movies. You sit down, watch the film, and then write a review about what you just watched. To take a step further, you could put up a website offering your review of particular films and charge users a nominal fee for all of your reviews.

Write a Novel

If you are fond of telling amazing stories, then you might try your hand at writing a novel. By novel, I mean a fictional story that can take place in any place, at any time, and involve just about any type of character your head can imagine. Writing novels is so popular, that it’s considered one of those life-long dreams that people tend to put off until it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you! Start developing those characters and story-lines. Who knows, you could write the novel that becomes the next blockbuster movie.


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