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Travel Hacks That Will Come in Handy For Your Next Flight

A few hacks that you may need before boarding that airplane

Travel Hacks That Will Come in Handy For Your Next Flight

Before you board that flight, here are a few hacks to take note of.

Yes, I know your bags are packed and you have got everything you need and you are about to set off. But before you walk out of the door, read these tips/hacks that you’ll definitely need and will make your traveling even easier.

  1. GET EXTRA WiFi: Most Airports will give you an hour of Wi-Fi. So while you are waiting to board your flight or stopping over before connecting with the next one, you can make it two hours by rolling back the system clock of your device before the first hour is up. So instead of just streaming live alone, you can multitask by also downloading other stuff.
  2. DOWNLOAD BEFORE YOU BOARD: This one is a no-brainer, download everything while you have access to WiFi at the airport.From your favorite music artist, the most recent movie, podcasts, etc. Make sure you have all the above downloaded so as to avoid a silent trip. Since downloads typically require WiFi, you won’t be able to to do so in the air unless you buy the in-flight WiFi which for most airlines, can be a bit on the expensive side.
  3. PICK THE CHECKPOINT TO THE LEFT:  Studies have shown that most people are right-handed and are more apt to head right in security lines. So do the opposite and get through security faster by heading to the lines on the left which tends to be shorter. This gets you ready for flight faster.
  4. MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR DEVICE: Errm! This is for iPhone users *smiles*  Do you know that you can add your boarding pass to your Apple wallet? Now you do. This helps you save time and removes the searching for paper tickets or even emails in your inbox.
  5. WEAR YOUR “HEAVIEST” OUTFIT: To save a bit of space in your suitcase, you should wear your heaviest shoes/jacket combination when traveling. This way you can utilize all your suitcase space while remaining cozy and warm in the airport and on chilly flights.
  6. USE TWITTER TO COMMUNICATE WITH AN AIRLINES CUSTOMER SERVICE: The quickest, easiest and most effective way to get in touch with an airlines customer service is through Twitter. If your flight is delayed, or you are experiencing issues with boarding and so on, send a tweet and you’ll be very much surprised to receive a response within 30 minutes. The reason is, no company wants to trend for the wrong reasons. Just remember that it is a human being like you who is on the other end, be polite and be kind.
  7. TIE A BRIGHTLY COLORED RIBBON ON YOUR LUGGAGE: You will not know how much you need this until you are standing at baggage claims and seeing five boxes that look exactly like yours. Tying a brightly-colored ribbon around your suitcase will help you spot your luggage very quickly, but also will prevent others from stealing your stuff.

Bon Voyage Amigos!


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