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Top WTF Moments You Probably Missed During The BBNaija Reunion Last Night

BBNaija Reunion

The BBNaija reunion is getting dramatic and more controversial as each day passes. From sexual encounter revelations been made down to the hypocrites amongst the 2018 BBNaija housemate being unveiled, as one would expect, drama always lurks within these people.

Last night the reunion show saw some very interesting and memorable moment many may have missed and today we will be bringing the top 5 moments for your pleasure. Grabbed your popcorn yet? Let’s go!

Ahneeka and Ifu almost getting physical

Fans and viewers could not believe it when Ahenneka and Ifu almost got physical during the show last night. Issues started when Ahneeka called Ifu over alleged business sabotage, a thing Ifu vehemently denied. As Ifu tried explaining her stance while Ahneeka was also still talking, things got heated and resulted in the ladies in a face-off which almost got physical but for the timely intervention of some housemate, Ebuka and the guards there.

Ifu claims to make N5million daily. Yes! you heard me right

Housemates, Ebuka and even the viewers were shocked when Ifu stated that she makes N5million daily. According to Ifu, this kind of money comes sometimes but made sure to again state it that she is not lying. Of course, no one believed her as this was made known by the way the housemates reacted.

Alex and Cee-C finally make-up

Their relationship has been tumultuous for a while now and things got even worse when Cee-C revealed to the world that Alex slept with her supposed ‘Bestie’ Tobi. This revelation caused Alex to threaten to damage one of the cameras that was being used in filming until she finally walked off the set. However, last night both ladies finally buried the hatchet and ended the beef. They hugged it all out.

Ebuka’s reaction to Princess saying she used to have intellectual conversations with Miracle

I mean if this is not another level of shade during last night’s reunion show, Princess while talking revealed that while she was in the house, she and the season’s winner Miracle use to have intellectual conversations, a statement Ebuka found to be very funny and unbelievable. His reaction further proved it.

Alex breaks down in tear

Someone she has earned the title ‘cry cry baby’ and this was again manifested last night. Alex again broke down in tears during the show and talked out of the set. The camera at this point caught the expression on Cee-C’s face before Ifu Ennada walked off the set to try and g cam Alex down.


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