Top Worst Mistakes in Sports History

Top Worst Mistakes in Sports History

Every athlete undergoes rigorous practice and training, to ensure that when he is on the field, he can give his best performance. But, even with huge amounts of training and diligence, there is no telling if a player will actually be able to perform as well as he or his team hopes.

Mistakes happen on the field more often than we care to remember, and some of these mistakes are almost as memorable as the most mind-boggling records by the most efficient players. Here is a list of the Top Worst Mistakes of Sports World. Let us take a quick look at it, and see how many we can remember.

Jean van de Velde

Golfer Jean van de Velde reached the hole with a three-stroke lead at the 1999 British Open, eventually, he did something which deserves a place in our list. Jean van de Velde took out his driver rather than playing it safe in the final hole. Till he finished the final hole in the 1999 British Open, his triple-bogey 7 dropped him into a three-way playoff.

Eventually, he lost the playoff due to an irresponsible decision while reaching the final hole. Jean van de Velde has got just one chance in that open which he lost by a terrible decision and till now he has never achieved a Major golf tournament title. This incident now holds its place among the top worst mistakes in sports history.

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Top Worst Mistakes in Sports History

The XFL was first organized in 2001 by the World Wrestling Federation owner Vince McMahon with an intention to be a major professional sports league complement to the offseason of the National Football League. The league was started under the company name “XFL, LLC” as a 50–50 joint venture between NBC Universal and WWF-owned subsidiary WWE Properties International, Inc.

It was hyped on the market as “real” football without penalties for rough situations and with very few rules, which in turn secured its place in our list of top worst mistakes in sports history.

Irrespective of its huge marketing promotions, the league was not able to find an audience and was going from a 9.5 rating to a 4.6 in just one week. Just after its debut season, the authorities cancelled the league.

Michael Jordan’s Draft

Top Worst Mistakes in Sports History

The great Michael Jordan, the name which gives ultimate shiver to any basketball fan, is arguably the greatest player in NBA history. But many of the famous teams were unable to understand his potential during his initial career which is one of the biggest mistakes of the NBA in our list of top worst mistakes in sports history.

During the 1984 NBA draft, Michael Jordan became the third pick, yes, third, not first or second, but third on the draft. Houston took centre Hakeem Olajuwon as the first pick who achieved two NBA titles with the team. Then Portland took Sam Bowie with the second pick which didn’t turn out well and finally Chicago Bulls on the third pick took Jordan..

It is to be remembered that the players work very hard to give a good performance on the field, and while they also prepare themselves mentally for any mishap on the field, they really remember making a mistake in the presence of millions of fans. It is not too hard to imagine how they feel about disappointing their fans. Unfortunately, we often forget the true spirit of sportsmanship and let the mistakes overshadow the great performances given by the same players.

We hope you linked your list of the top worst mistakes in sports history. Don’t forget to send us your opinion in the comment box below.


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