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Top Things to do for Solo Travelers

Planning a solo trip, here are 7 top things to do

Top Things to do for Solo Travelers

From safety to having fun, to creating lasting memories by getting the most out of your trip, here are ten things to do when you travel solo.

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  1. Arrive early: Try as much as possible to arrive in the early hours to mid-afternoon so that you get a good feel of the place in daylight. Arriving after dark is a no-no and a major travel mistake to avoid as a solo traveler. It’s not just about safety. It’s also about starting your trip with a good feeling.
  2. Talk to people: When you travel solo you should make use of the opportunities to talk to locals and to other travelers as well. There should be a distinct difference when you travel alone and when you travel with your squad or a group of friends. Other travelers can be easy to spot and find especially if you’re staying at a hostel. At hostels, people are open and friendly and very much inclined to share information.
  3. Learn something new: This naturally happens when you are travelling to a new place but if you’re going to the City or Country for the 4th time, Go beyond the obvious. Dig deeper. And consider learning a bit more. It may be a language, cooking a new dish or even painting.
  4. Get an overview of the city: Whether you choose to hop on or off a tour bus or you prefer to take the tram route through a city, taking your time to get an overview of the city soon after arrival not only gives you the overview you sought for but can give you an idea of what you want more of.
  5. Try a new food: You should always try the local cuisine of any country you visit. Most times, it is always a treat. Pick a day, go to the market to see what people buy and how they shop. Eat where the locals eat.
  6. Take note of the geography: The landscape of a city says much about its culture. Most older cities are located beside the water. Consider the town’s history and what the water means for its people and how they live. Geography is a fascinating study and you should try it in the next country you visit.
  7. Sit and watch: Slow down, take a sit on a public bench and watch life go by. Do not be in a hurry, sit still and see the nuance of your destination. This will raise questions in your mind, questions you can ask the locals you speak to.


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