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Top Celebrity Feuds In Hollywood History

Top Celebrity Feuds In Hollywood History

The entertainment industry is no stranger to celebrity feuds. Sometimes these feuds result in diss tracks and they come to an end. In other cases, they may end up in violence or public confrontations. And sometimes, they just never end.

Here are some famous celebrity feuds that rocked the media:

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Tupac vs. Biggie

The feud between Tupac and Biggie Smalls is notable for being not just the biggest in music history but also one that ended on a sad note. Prior to their fall-out, the two rap icons started out as friends. Tupac was once reported to have described Biggie as “a dope rapper.” They met on the set of “Poetic Justice” and hung out for a while.

However, their relationship turned sour in November 1994 after Tupac was robbed and shot on arriving a studio where Biggie happened to be at. Tupac believed Biggie had a hand in the shooting, sparking a never-ending rivalry between them.

From then on, the two hit back at each other with diss songs such as “Who Shot Ya?”, “Hit Em Up”, and “Against All Odds”. When Tupac was shot and killed in 1996, Biggie was brought up as a chief suspect. However, the rapper put an end to the speculation. “I would never wish death on nobody,” he said in an interview. In March 1997, Biggie was also killed in a drive-by shooting.


Eminem vs Mariah Carey

Eminem is known to have feuded with many A-List celebs in Hollywood and Mariah Carey is one that remains memorable. The feud  between them started in 2001 when Eminem claimed he and the singer had been in a relationship. When asked about this, Mariah denied his claim stating they had only hung out a couple of times. This didn’t sit well with Eminem who dissed her in his songs including  “Superman” and “Jimmy Crack Corn”. Mariah hit back with her 2009 single “Obsessed” and Eminem responded with a final diss track “The Warning” in which he threatened to release proof of their relationship.


Jay Z vs Kanye West

For a long time, Kanye West and Jay Z appeared to be friends in the industry. However, that came to an end in 2016 when Kanye West called out Jay Z for not visiting him and Kim Kardashian after her robbery in Paris. This prompted a response from Jay Z who dissed the rapper in his 2017 album “4:44”.

Kayne West vs Taylor Swift

Kayne West has always been known to be an opinionated individual who doesn’t mind stepping on toes to get his points across. In 2009, during the 2009 Video Music Awards, he had something to say and this time it was about singer Taylor Swift.

Swift was accepting the award for her album “You Belong To Me” which beat Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” for best visuals when Kayne marched up to the stage and stole the mic from her to say: “Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”

Before long, the two resolved their dispute and all seemed to be well until 2016 when Kayne West released the song “Famous”. The song had the lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.” Later that year, he released a music video of the song which had naked wax figures of him, Kim Kardashian, Swift, and other famous people.

This appeared to have angered Swift who claimed she didn’t give Kayne the permission to use the lyrics about her in his song. However, Kayne’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West, provided video evidence of Swift approving of the lyrics.

Chris Brown vs Drake

Chris Brown and Drake have reportedly been feuding over Rihanna for years. In 2012, things escalated when the two hip-hop stars caused a scene at a night club. Rumour has it that Drake sent Chris Brown a rude note and a fight erupted between the artists and their entourages.

Chris Brown ended up injured in the brawl and posted photos of his injury on Instagram. Although the two have been in an on and off feud since then, they recently released a collab “No Guidance”, proving they may have put their feud to rest


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