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Top 7 Things That Could End Your Relationship

One fact about relationships is that; there is no perfect relationship

Being in a relationship doesn’t always come easy. The effort you put into maintaining your relationship is actually what determines how long it is going to last. But one fact about relationships is that; there is no perfect relationship. There must be reasons for misunderstandings at some point in your relationship. However, the way you handle the cause of such misunderstanding will either break up or make your relationship stronger. In case you are about to go into one, here is a heads up on 7 things that could end your relationship.

  1. Money

This has got to be the number one on the list. No matter how much you think “I am not that vain”, the fact is that many relationships have ended due to financial issues. Lack of money is the cause of stress in many relationships in Nigeria today (let me not mention the “B” word or the “R” word). It’s true that you can agree to ‘grow and build’ together but just to be on the safe side, don’t be broke always.

  1. Insecurity

Feeling insecure in your relationship can be a terrible thing. It could lead to excessive/aggressive jealousy, possessiveness, lack of trust and even anger. All these traits are supposed to be non-desirable in a relationship. Insecurity can be caused by several things especially if you don’t let your partner feel important enough to you.

  1. Physical Abuse

This one should be a no-no in relationships. However, it is very common. A lot of guys out there feel they have the right to hit their woman and vice versa. That is a wrong notion and it could end your relationship with a bonus of jail time.

  1. Cheating

Unfaithfulness is another major problem several couples face. There are several different reasons why people cheat on their partners. Regardless of the temptation though, your partner will not like to hear/ catch you cheating. It may well be the cause of your break up. So try not to cheat yeah?

  1. Miscommunication/ Lack of Communication

This is one silent killer in relationships. When you don’t open up to your partner enough, you won’t be able to share feelings and thoughts properly, unknowingly creating a rift between you two. Such rift will give the opportunity for outsiders to come in. and that will definitely be the beginning of the end to your relationship. You will start hearing things like “He is my best friend” or “She is my bestie” until when the inevitable happens.

  1. Intimacy

Even if you are in a no-sex relationship, there should be a form of intimacy between you and your partner. There has to be something that only the both of you share as such intimate moments will bring you and your partner closer.

  1. Religion

Yes, religion is also a major killer of relationships. Before you go into a relationship, you should ask your potential partner if he/she is okay with your religion. Some people believe that they can change their partner’s religion with time; however, this is not always feasible. So it’s better to know your stand from the very beginning.

So there it is. The top 7 things that could end your relationship. Knowing these things is the first step to make sure that none of them eventually lead to the end of your relationship.


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