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Top 7 Strangest Animals In The World

Top 7 Strangest Animals In The World

The world has seen some incredible artists over the years, but no doubt, the best artist remains Mother Nature. Nature has designed some extremely amazing creatures – plants and animals. Sometimes, when we see the intricate designs of Mother Nature, we are often presented with imagination-defying creatures. Animals with unique and the strangest designs are present in the world today, and here is a list of the top 7.

  1. The Olm

Olms are amphibians that can be found in deep caves in Europe. This strange animal is completely blind and gets by using chemical and electrical signals from its body receptors to its brain.

  1. Glass Frog

This tropical American frog isn’t made of glass as its name suggests. Its referred to as glass frog because of its transparent skin. The skin of this animal is completely see-through. Just by looking at the glass frog, you can see all its internal organs clearly.

  1. Hatchet-fish

Found in the deep arts of the ocean, this fish is quite a strange sight. It actually has organs that can produce light which it uses to lure in prey and scare off predators. It just floats around and is no harm to humans.

  1. Yeti Crab

Another creature found in the depths of the ocean, this crab has a hairy appearance. It feeds on other sea creatures and is completely color blind. It is one of the strangest animals in the world.

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  1. Scary Leaf- Tailed Gecko

This animal is actually called “the Satanic Leaf-tailed gecko” because of its look. It looks like a decaying leaf with red burning eyes. This gecko is mainly found in Madagascar. Unfortunately, this animal is currently an endangered species.

  • Blobfish

The Blobfish is a fish with a face. A sad face in fact. They are usually found in the waters of Tasmania and Australia. They are lazy creatures and I’m not so sure they are edible. Will you eat a fish like that?

  1. Hermeroplanes Caterpillar

These little creatures are found in the wilderness of Central America and Mexico. What’s so strange about them is how they transform when threatened. When they are threatened by predators, they turn into hideous snake-like venom injecting creatures to scare the predators away. However, at maturity, this caterpillar turns into an adorable moth.


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