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Top 7 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Nigeria

Osun Sacred Grove

Nigeria is a beautiful country. This however is one fact that a lot of people do not even recognize. There are a lot of amazing places to visit in the country with numerous things to do. With several recreational establishments and world-class tourist attractions in the country; you don’t have to travel outside the country to behold the amazing gifts of Mother Nature.

From the beautiful sculptures in the south, to the ancient cities in the north, from the traditional heritages in the west, to the beautiful culture in the east, there are more than enough breathtaking places to visit in the country. Here is a list of my top 7:

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

This beautiful resort located in Cross River state definitely tops my list of amazing places to visit in Nigeria. Why? Because it is simply amazing. Here you get treated to relaxing and breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape, the tranquil scenery and temperate weather. There is also the world-class resort facilities here for you to have an unforgettable experience.

  1. Osun Sacred Grove

Osun Sacred Grove

This place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. That just tells you how amazing it is. Built as a shrine to honor the ‘goddess of fertility’, the Osun grove is loaded with beautiful sculptures and unbelievable sanctuaries that is sure to leave you awed.

  1. The Kajuru Castle

Located in the hills of Kaduna state, this castle is a hidden treasure. Right from the exciting drive up the hill to the thrills of having a live crocodile pit and a beautiful medieval styled building, you are sure to have an amazing time here. The views of the landscape from the castle is also quite enthralling.

  1. Yankari Game Reserve

This is one of Nigeria’s premier wildlife reserve parks. People that visit this place get to be treated to the best wildlife experience anywhere in the country. And they have beautiful chalets that let you stay right within the reserve.

  1. The Ancient Kano City walls

The beautiful city of Kano is blessed with this magnificent wall. One regarded as the longest man made wall in Africa, the Kano City wall is on the UNESCO World Heritage sites tentative list. It is a culturally and historically rich destination to visit in Nigeria.

  1. The Ancient NOK Settlement

I’m sure by now you have heard of the priceless Nok antiquities all around the world. How wonderful will it be to visit the actual origin of those exquisite pieces? Quite wonderful I say. The ancient Nok settlement is the headquarters of terracotta figurines and its located in Kaduna state.

  1. Awhum Waterfalls

A location filled with immaculate lakes, a monastery and a breathtaking waterfall, the Awhum Waterfall is an amazing site to visit. It is located in Enugu state.


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