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Top 7 Deepest Places In The World

Top 7 Deepest Places In The World

The earth is made up of different layers. The surface we walk and build on is just one of the several layers of the earth. The Earth’s core is about 4000 miles from the surface – tha’s quite deep. There are several places on the earth’s surface that go down to quite amazing depths. Some of these places occur naturally while a few others are man-made. Most of the deepest places on Earth are undersea but I have included some that are on land in this list. So here are the top 7 deepest places in the world.

  1. Woodingdean well

This well is one of the deepest manmade structures on Earth. It goes down to a depth of over 850 ft below sea level, it was built by men – can you imagine? The well took four years to build and it is a total depth of 1285 ft. The well was completed in 1962. Although, the hole is still there till today, the surface of the well has since been covered.

  1. El Zacaton

This is the world’s deepest sink hole. Sink holes are just naturally occurring holes in the ground, and this one in Mexico is about 1112 ft below sea level. It’s depth was measured by an automated robot. No human has ever successfully gotten to the bottom of this sink hole.

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  1. Lake Baikal

The deepest lake in the world, Baikal is over 5000 ft deep. The waters of Lake Baikal is not only used for scientific exploration, it is also a site for tourists. It’s clear waters and beautiful shores makes it a popular destination for tourists in Russia.

  1. Krubera Voronya Cave

The “Cave of Crows” is the deepest cave in the world. It reaches as amazing 7,208 feet into the ground. Explorers named it after the crows found in the cave and are still trying to map it till today.

  1. Milwaukee Deep

Now let’s go under water. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Milwaukee Deep miles north of Puerto Rico. It was discovered in 1939 by the USS Milkwaukee, and said to be about 28,680 ft deep.

  1. Mariana Trench

This is the deepest trench in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, and is about 35,994 ft deep. The Mariano Trench has been the subject of several explorations. In 2012, film producer, James Cameron, got to the bottom of the Trench in his vertical torpedo submarine.

  1. Kola Superdeep Borehole

This borehole is the deepest hole on Earth. Drilled in 1970, the Kola Super-deep Borehole is over 40,000 ft underground. The original plan of this borehole was to get to 49,000 ft but drilling stopped in 1992 at 40,230 ft due to impossibly high temperature.


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