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Top 6 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Top 6 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Generally, sports are meant to be fun activities. Yes there are several competitions here and there in the world of sports, but the main aim is building unity and fostering relationships. Most sport games involve physical activities so there is bound to be the risk of getting injured once in a while. However, there are some sport activities that have a higher injury risk than others. So according to some statistics online, here are the top 6 most dangerous sports in the world.

  1. Snowboarding and Skiing

This winter sports activity kicks off our list. There is something about “getting on something and moving downhill with speed” that calls out to injuries. Skiing can get pretty injurious if it doesn’t go according to plan, and with over 100,000 recorded injury cases, it is definitely one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

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  1. Swimming

Most sports come with injury risks when the game starts but with swimming, just getting into the sports arena can put you in danger. See, we humans are generally not designed to breathe underwater so by entering the pool alone, you are at the risk of drowning. But that isn’t what makes this sport so dangerous. Swimming is a strenuous activity that can lead to developing several injuries. From muscle tears to sprains and strains due to repetitive strokes, swimmers are not entirely safe.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is a game that involves hard bats and fast arm swings. These two things alone can be pretty hazardous. Injuries ranging from shoulder muscle tearing to knee injuries and even fractured skulls (from balls flying at high speeds) have been recorded in this game. It accounts for almost 270,000 injuries.

  1. Soccer

Of all sports, the contact sport games are the most injury-prone. And soccer is a prime contact sport. All types of injuries can occur during a game of soccer. From nose bleeds to head injuries, from leg fractures to muscle tears, the game is definitely not safe. Having recorded some pretty nasty tackles since it began, soccer accounts for over 280,000 sports injuries.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is another contact sort that is quite injurious. How can basketball be so dangerous? You ask. Well, from the impact of the regular jumping involved, to the muscle strain and physical fatigue that comes from dribbling, a lot of injuries can arise. The game has over 500,000 recorded cases of injuries suffered by its players.

  1. Rugby/Football

If this doesn’t make the list, what will? Football is the most notorious contact sport when it comes to injuries. Probably because it is the most violent. The kind of tackles allowed in football can leave you stunned, like literally.

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The fact that players of American Football wear protective gear doesn’t remove from the injurious nature of the game. It has the highest recorded number of head injuries in sports. It even made concussions become popular. The sport has more than 500,000 recorded cases of injuries.

So those are the top 6 most dangerous sports in the world. But before you go into frenzy and decide to stop your children (or yourself) from going into any of the above named sports, let me also tell you something.

The everyday chairs and tables we use have led to almost 600,000 recorded cases of injuries. That is higher than any sport on this list, so do not let the list stop your sporting dreams. Just be careful, after all life itself is a risk.


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