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Top 5 Unusual Smartphones Released in 2019 So Far

unusual smartphones - Nokia PureView 9

Smartphones have now become a part of our very existence. The world is easier to live in right now, thanks a lot to smartphones and their numerous applications. And this year, we have seen some impressive strides taken by the phone manufacturers all around the world. These leading phone makers, since the beginning of the year, have tried to out-do each other and make phones with brand new innovative features. And one of the ways they are doing this is by making phones with the most unusual features you’d ever see. In respect to that, here are my top 5 unusual smartphones that have been produced this year.

  1. The Energizer

While a lot for phone manufacturers look for ways to make their phones slimmer, this phone’s makers did the exact opposite. The “Energizer” is fitted with an incredible 18,000 mAh battery which makes it look at least 3 times bigger than the average phone. This phone was made specifically for people that are always scared of their battery life. With enough juice to power up to 50 days of standby time, the Energizer gives you absolutely nothing to worry about. Other than how to carry it around of course.

  1. The Nubia Wrist Phone

Top 5 Unusual Smartphones Released in 2019 So Far

This is one device that we are not really sure about its identity. Is it a wrist watch or a phone? What we are sure of however is that it can function as both. The Nubia Alpha is fitted with an OLED screen, in-built camera, gesture controls and can support a 4G eSim card. So you can make phone calls, take selfies and track your fitness levels all from your wrist.

  1. The Vein Reader

Electronics and phone manufacturers, LG simply got bored with the “fingerprint unlock” feature all phones seem to have now, and they decided to up the game. Their LG G8 ThinQ smartphone is outfitted with a feature that uses “Vein Recognition” to unlock the device. The G8 ThinQ phone does this with a front “Z camera” that uses infrared to map your vein pattern and unlocks the phone. You just simply place your hands in front of the front camera and boom…phone unlocked. Thanks veins.

  1. The Endtime Phone

Yeah so we know some people claim the world is coming to an end. But these phone’s manufacturers don’t want to be caught napping when the apocalypse finally comes so they have produced the ultimate endtime smartphone. The Nomu T18 is a water resistant phone with an in-built VHF/UHF walkie-talkie in a bombproof casing. It also has an emergency strap handle and fingerprint unlock. The perfect phone for Armageddon yeah?

  1. Five Eyed Wonder

unusual smartphones - Nokia PureView 9

Nokia always want to produce the best quality for their users. This is why they made their new Nokia Pure View 9 smartphone with 5 rear camera lenses. Each rear camera lens packs a 12-megapixel capacity and all 5 are combined to give you the best picture you could ever want.


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