Top 5 things Nigerian Men Want In Bed

A lot of ladies actually believe that they can keep a man sexually attracted and active with them by just having good looks alone. So you are a beautiful, sexy and well sculpted human specimen, but do you really know what men want in bed?

Well, in case you are wondering what men really want in ‘za oza room’; here are my top 5 tips:

  • Enthusiasm

Trust me it is not all about intercourse. Being enthusiastic about it is what really matters and this involves you putting your heart, mind and body in the complete act and not just your body as most girls do. “Making love” to a man is different from just having “sex” with him.

Nothing gets a man all worked up in bed than a lover who is enthusiastic about her man. Be excited to get it down with him and let him know of course – don’t overdo it though.

  • Being Adventurous

Men actually appreciate a lover who is willing to go all out in inventing and bringing about new tricks in the bed room. Does not necessarily mean you have to go on some 50 shades of Grey competition but just be open to new ideas in the bedroom.

Don’t just stick to the same foreplay and sex routine every time, spice it up a bit every now and then.

  • Confidence

Sometimes, men just want to take a good look at their partner all naked and looking ravishing without anything on with the lights on. Nothing beats that feeling for some men in fact. Don’t be the woman that finds the nearsest cover cloth anytime the room is brightened. Be proud of your body regardless the shape, size, height and other possible characteristics.

  • Praise! Praise!! Praise!!!

Do not be deceived, no matter how proud a man is or one who does not show his feelings does not mean he does not appreciate praises from a woman. You wanna keep your man in bed with you, sing his praises sometimes – in fact, many times. Praising your man’s sexual prowess would make him feel special and he will appreciate you in return, I assure you.

  • Pay Attention On His Sensitive Spots:

Using your fingertips, tongue and lips to play around his sensitive spots is a plus one. All these could actually make a man drool all over and speechless. Ever heard a man moan? This would actually lead to that. Just make sure to pay attention to details and be cautious so you do not let the monster within so the house does not come crashing down with bangs and bangs.



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