Top 5 Things A Man Shouldn’t Wear on His First Date

You can only get one chance to make a first impression. Your dressing is one of the essential qualities that will make you stand out on your first date.

You wouldn’t want the date with the woman of your dreams to be the first and last. So men shouldn’t make or continue to make some dress code mistakes that can turn their date off.

Below are 5 top things a man shouldn’t wear on his first date.


  1. Shorts

You should never shorts on a first date. Except the date is going to be in a beach setting or pool party. A nice pair of jeans is a perfect substitute.

Do you want to show that you have the finest legs? You can do that for a different outing but shorts are a no-no on your first date.


  1. Bright shirts, striped shirts, and sweatshirts

To make a good impression on your first date, do not wear a shirt that is of bright colour. T-shirt and striped shirt are clothes that will give the impression that you’re desperate for attention.

Women like to see their men with a nice and clean look. A solid coloured t-shirt that is tucked in nicely will perfectly suit your body and will be very comforting to the eye.


  1. Don’t overuse the perfume

Perfumes are good and they give you a nice smell and appearance. But too much of perfume can be disastrous.

A lady loves when a man smells delicious and it can actually make her overlook your over-bright striped shirt.

Make sure that the perfume compliments your natural body chemistry and do not over-use it to the extent that the people around you will start to feel uncomfortable.


  1. Do not wear anything uncomfortable

Be who you are and do not wear someone else’s personality. Your first date will not go well if you wear anything uncomfortable.

Wearing someone else’s personality will make her like the ‘fake’ you instead of the real you. You will lose her because none of you will know who you really are.

Remember she agreed to go on a date with you so don’t ruin it by not being yourself.


  1. Lose the ‘bling bling’

You may feel that your metals make you confident but you should leave these tangible items at home.

Women are strongly turned off by men who appear too flashy. Women appreciate men who are subtle about wearing their accessories.

To make her fall head over heels for you, lose the ‘bling bling’ and appear very simple.


These tips will improve the perception of you on the first date and can lead to a fun and successful relationship.


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