Top 5 Tennis Players with The Highest Number of Grand Slams Titles

The 2019 tennis season has fully kicked off with its first major tournament, The Australian Open, coming to an end yesterday.

There are many tennis tournaments in a season but the major ones are called the Grand Slam Tournaments. They are the Australian Open, usually played on Hard Court in Mid-January, the French Open played on Clay in May/June, the Wimbledon played on grass in June/July and the US Open played on hard Court in August/September.

The first grand slam tournament this year saw Japan’s Naomi Osaka win the women’s singles on Saturday and Novak Djokovic win the men’s singles yesterday. As a result, Naomi Osaka climbed up the WTA rankings to become World’s number 1 and Djokovic (already holding the number 1 spot on the ATP rankings) win the 15th Grand Slam Title of his career.

In winning his 15th grand slam title, Djokovic became the third man with the highest man number of grand slam titles in the history of tennis. But who are the others who have won more titles than Novak?

Take a look at the top five tennis players with the highest number of grand slam titles.

  1. Roger Federer – 20 titles.

  1. Rafael Nadal – 17 titles

  1. Novak Djokovic – 15 titles

  1. Pete Sampras – 14 titles

  1. Roy Emerson – 12 titles.

After winning his 15th grand slam, Novak Djokovic admitted on having eyes on the spot held by Roger Federer as the man with the highest grand slam titles.

Do you think he can equal or even surpass that record?


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