Top 5 Reasons Your Long Distance Relationship May Crumble

Are you in a long distance relationship? If yes, then you might start having a second thought on whether to continue with the relationship.

It is not easy to handle seeing your significant other for only once or twice in a year. This will make you start weighing the pros and cons of remaining in the relationship.

Your long distance relationship might be different from other ones where both partners have been together for years, and then one of them leaves for a job that is faraway or for military work.

The strain in your relationship will keep you wondering if your efforts are truly worth it. When do you consider letting of a long-distance relationship? It is when you notice any of the signs enlisted below:


  1. Emotional immaturity

Long-distance relationships are different from the normal kind of relationship. This is because they are often more complex and unpredictable.

If any of you shows emotional immaturity in dealing with a long distance relationship, then the relationship may crumble.

So be honest with yourself. Are you the type that read wrong meanings into everything and jump into conclusions? Is your partner the type that easily judges you without listening to what you have to say? You might take the wise decision of letting go.


  1. No trust

Lack of trust kills a relationship faster than you can ever imagine. It becomes severe when it is a long distance relationship.

If you don’t trust your significant other’s promise to remain faithful and loyal to you, there will start to be quarrels over issues that are travail.

No doubt, it is hard to trust someone who is staying far away from you and it is difficult not to be jealous when they post pictures with friends of the opposite sex on social media.

The less trust you have, the lesser the chances that your relationship will work.


  1. Constant fights

It is impossible to stay in a long distance relationship without having constant fights with your partner. It is very easy to misunderstand each other when you’re not together.

To avoid these constant fights, you must both plan to meet at least once a month. If this isn’t possible, then the constant fights can lead to an unsuccessful relationship.


  1. Feeling of loneliness

Are you in a relationship and still feel lonely most of the time? This isn’t a good sign.

Since you’re in a long distance relationship, you must always be in touch with your partner. You must talk at least once in a day and express what is happening in your lives.

Lack of communication leads to loneliness, and this is a very bad sign.


  1. Too busy

Yes, you both have things that pre-occupy your time every day. If it gets to a point where you both do not find the time to reach out and express your feelings, then it is very wrong.

Spending less time with your significant other and being too busy can ruin your long distance relationship.


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