Top 5 Productivity Tools That Help You Stay Focused


Do you think it is possible to stay on top of all the trends, social media, news and whatnot, and still be in the sound mind to work your best?

We think NOT!

The attention span of an average person is already compromised, thanks to social media attractions.

But someone should always have his/her priorities straight. Only if you know what i mean!

They should know what comes first and what can time be wasted on! Not an easy task in today’s scatterbrained world. Every day is a new struggle with new things coming out the doors literally every single day.

Distractions are everywhere, and to ignore all that chaos to focus on your productivity is a fairly impossible job, right?

Well yeah, but also no!

There are certain tools that can help you stay focused and dedicated towards your work without getting anything in the way of your energy.

The tools mentioned below have been very helpful in keeping an individual energized for what is most necessary for him/her.

Let’s start the list with;

1. Escape 2

Focuslist’s Escape 2 is very useful in tracking down the activity you’ve had on websites, social media or emails. A report will be issued every day to show you the progress you’ve made with your work and how distracted you were. It will show you how much you rely on social media to go back to it every few minutes. This might trigger the self-control in you, and you can also see the apps that might create a disturbance for you all day with their notifications. You can then adjust your usage and utilize your time wisely.

2. Flowstate

If there are times with you when you are actually writing something but then that tiny voice in your brain goes *ting* and you think you hear a notification, only to spend precious minutes even hours on the social media without returning to the piece that you actually were composing? If so, get Flowstate. With great brilliance, Flowstate will keep you indulged in writing because even if you stop for a second to switch tabs for social media, it will track your activity and start erasing whatever you had previously written. This app seems like a work of an evil genius. This case won’t stop until you’re done writing the piece that you had to write, whether it be an email or an article.

3. Social Champ

Social Champ is a tool that helps you focus by saving your time. What it does is, that it will let you schedule your posts before time so you don’t have to go over the tedious task of going over to the social media platforms just to post your content. It has the awesome feature to bulk upload your content too. So now, you can upload data worth weeks, even months and take a break from social media while you concentrate on your work!

4. Rescue Time

Being true to their name, they actually do give you a clear picture of where you are spending your time most, virtually. Rescue Time has premium features that help you ‘rescue’ your time and block the apps that create the most distractions. You won’t be able to access them for the time period you have blocked them for. Basically, you can set alerts and goals to help you maintain your time and help you use the time wisely.

5. Proud

Now if you find yourself unorganized, or all over the place, this is the app to get. It helps you keep track and helps you focus on things that are much more important. All the features of Proud necessary to actually stay organized can be found in just one place. Let it be planning, to-do lists, reminders, breaks, etc. the list goes on!

Now if you ever get ready and put your game face on, but instead of working you start to procrastinate, leave everything and get these apps. They will help you tremendously.



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