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Top 5 Poorest Countries in Africa

What does it take to be among the top poorest countries in Africa?


These countries and its economy have been behind and its development not forth coming. Mostly plagued by poor leaderships, political insecurity, embezzlement of funds, civil wars, poor economic policies and mismanagement of resources, these factors play together to tarnish the economy and lead to a case of poverty at a national scale.

The following are the top 5 poorest countries in Africa Ranked by Gross Domestic Product adjusted for its purchasing power in international markets.


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Coming at number 5 is Liberia. Situated on the coast of West Africa and with a population of 4,503,000 people. The Gross Domestic Product Per Capita is $867, which is below the international poverty line. Years of civil wars and political unrest is the major cause of the destruction of this once blossoming economy.



At number 4 is Burundi. Found in East Africa is this landlocked country officially known as the Republic of Burundi. After it gained its independence, much development in the form of; social amenities, basic infrastructure, poor education system, inadequate health facilities, corruption and starvation, did not occur and thus it quickly became poor. The Gross Domestic Per Capita is $808.

Democratic Republic of Congo

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The Democratic Republic of Cong is at number 3. This is the second largest country, in respect of area, in Africa. Ironically, this country is enriched with natural and mineral resources, one of the richest reserves in Africa. It the political instability, mismanagement of resources and corruption that have caused them to have a Gross Domestic Product Per Capita of $785, which is below poverty line.

Central African Republic

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Ranking as number 2 is another landlocked country. Central African Republic is rich in many natural and mineral resources like; uranium, gold, diamonds, crude oil, lumber and hydro-power, but despite all these, this country is a mess as a result of civil war which have left the inhabitants in miserable conditions and with no source to basic social and infrastructural amenities. The Gross Domestic Product Per Capita is $681.


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Somalia is our number 1 poorest country in Africa and ranked 188 in the world. Somalia is located at the horn of Africa. The country has gone through a lot of issues in the past decades that includes; political instability and poor governance, economic recessions and decline, under development, poverty, gender inequality and civil war. The Gross Domestic Product Per Capita is Not Available.


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